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Ism Objects
Ism Objects
Manufacture-ST KILDA, VIC
Manufacture-St Kilda, VIC
ISM Objects is a national supplier of cutting-edge lighting solutions. Combining technical innovation in lighting and production with exceptional customer service, ISM Objects is one of Aust..
8 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Vic, 3182.
8 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Vic, 3182.
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ISM Objects is a national supplier of cutting-edge lighting solutions. Combining technical innovation in lighting and production with exceptional customer service, ISM Objects is one of Australia's leading lighting suppliers.

Founded in 1990, ISM Objects is an award-winning design studio, manufacturer and retailer of original, innovative, quality lighting solutions.
Led by a strong commitment to Australian manufacturing, and a unique understanding and appreciation for the Australian way of life, we provide lighting solutions for residential and commercial projects of any scale.
Our directors Simon Christopher and Celina Clarke draw on their expert knowledge of design and manufacturing to achieve creative and technical excellence in all aspects of lighting design.
Visit our showroom in St Kilda to explore ISM Objects' lighting range today.


Humanity's impact on the planet is coming under increasing pressure and scrutiny as we witness the damage caused by factors such as greenhouse gases and polluting industrial processes.

We are reminded daily of our need to be vigilant and considerate to this cause, and ISM Objects is working to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

ISM Objects recognises environmental management as among its highest corporate priorities. Our goal is continuous improvement in our quest for sustainable development, and we are committed to establishing policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.

It is our primary objective to safeguard the health of our planet and all its inhabitants through protecting the environment, and conserving valuable materials and resources. When developing new projects, we assess environmental impacts and aim to design our products for optimal durability without the use of high pollution processes such as electroplating. We also work hard to avoid “over-engineering”, and use only the necessary materials and components in their most natural form.

ISM Objects uses recyclable Polyethylene and Polypropylene in many of its products. We are equally committed to exploring every opportunity to recycle or reuse waste materials generated by our operations. Waste that cannot be eliminated, reduced, reused, recycled or composted, will be disposed through safe and responsible methods.

As an Australian manufacturer supplying to the Australian market, ISM Objects is able to minimise energy and other resource consumption, and avoid the production of greenhouse gases caused in the overuse of transportation. We aim to source all our components and suppliers locally, which supports the local economy and builds solid relationships in our community.

Furthermore, we strongly convey these environmental principles to contractors acting on behalf of ISM Objects, encouraging, and where appropriate, requiring improvements in their practices to make them consistent with those of ISM Objects.

ISM Objects periodically conducts formal reviews of its activities to assure compliance with environmental regulations. In accordance with the 5 Star Standard for new housing, all ISM Objects' lighting is designed to accommodate energy-saving compact fluorescent lights. We are monitoring further developments in the Governments' Greenhouse Initiative, and will respond accordingly as legislation is implemented.

As a design-based company, ISM Objects is well positioned to respond to changes in lighting and manufacturing technology. As energy-saving illumination methods develop, we aim to incorporate these advances in our standard and custom products.

The Australian Government has implemented the GREENHOUSE FRIENDLY initiative, part of which involves a national certification system for manufactured products. ISM Objects in the process of evaluating this system, and aims to have this certification on some of its more popular products in the near future.

As an environmentally aware company, ISM Objects also aims to minimize its own use of non-renewable resources. A significant means by which this is to be achieved is through the efficient use of natural light and energy-saving equipment in its new factory, and through the planting of a native garden to attract wildlife.

ISM Objects is committed to developing products and services with no undue environmental impact, that are safe in their intended use, efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources, and that can be recycled, reused, or disposed of safely. We are always open to suggestions on how to manufacture our products cleaner and more effectively to create the most sustainable solutions.
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