Nerada Tea Pty Ltd

Nerada Tea Pty Ltd
Nerada Tea Pty Ltd
Storage-Acacia Ridge, SA
Naturally Relaxing...
Unit 3/ 23 Overlord Pl, Acacia Ridge, SA, 4110.
Unit 3/ 23 Overlord Pl, Acacia Ridge, SA, 4110.
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Naturally Relaxing...

The History Of Tea

Tea: A History In The Making

Tea has grown to become a diverse and glocal icon in all corners of the globe. Once of the most interesting aspects of tea is its origins and its journey through history.

Following is a timeline of the major developments of tea over the centuries, from its origins in China, through to its spread around the world.

  1. 2737 BC

    Shen Mung

    Legend has it that Chinese Emperor Shen Mung (The Divine Cultivator) was on a hunting trip. While boiling his water, during a refreshment break, leaves from a nearby bush fell into it. He enjoyed the aroma, and sensing that the liquid may be equally pleasant, he drank it.

    On tasting it he is said to have proclaimed that the liquid gave him vigour of body, contentment of mind and determination of purpose. And so tea was discovered.

  2. 3 AD

    Zhang Yi

    Zhang Yi writes the first detailed account on tea. It includes cultivation, manufacturing and preparation methods.

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