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Kids Matters OT
Kids Matters OT
Health & Fitness-YEERONGPILLY, QLD
Health & Fitness-Yeerongpilly, QLD
Kids Matters OT / Ready Set Go OT are a group of Therapists who are passionate about helping children reach their potential. We look for the root causes in every “problem” behaviour or devel..
2/747 Fairfield Rd, Yeerongpilly, Qld, 4105.
2/747 Fairfield Rd, Yeerongpilly, Qld, 4105.
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Kids Matters OT / Ready Set Go OT are a group of Therapists who are passionate about helping children reach their potential. We look for the root causes in every “problem” behaviour or developmental delay and specialize in helping to address these using a mixture of bottom up developmental work and top-down strategies and skills training.
Kids Matters OT is a large private paediatric occupational therapy practice in Brisbane staffed by experienced therapists who use a combination of cognitive (thinking), motor, emotional, sensory integration based techniques and DIR/ Floortime to give effective outcomes for autistic children, children with aspergers syndrome (ASD), Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), sensory defensiveness, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ ADD), dyslexia and learning difficulties and developmental delays. We have clinics at Yeerongpilly and Albany Creek but serve families from all areas of Brisbane.
The practice is owned and operated by Vivienne Williams (AccOT) and her husband Peter Williams. Vivienne Williams began in private practice in May 2003 and expanded to a company employing other occupational therapists by January 2007. From the beginning, Vivienne Williams and Kids Matters Occupational Therapists did much advanced training in sensory integration focussed on improving sensory integration issues. In 2008, Kids Matters occupational therapists trained in the DIR/ Floortime model and have since combined both models for effective outcomes.
Kids Matters OT runs an early intervention service for babies from 6 weeks of age as we believe that the earlier the intervention, the more successful outcomes along the “normal” developmental continuum.
Our experienced occupational therapists have demonstrated successful outcomes for most children through our individualized programs including individualized goal setting, sensory integration clinic treatment, parent training, DIR/ Floortime, the Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol for sensory defensiveness, Therapeutic Listening programs for the improvement of the integration of auditory, postural and respiration mechanisms, the MORE program for the integration of the mouth with oral, respiratory and eye movement functions, Vestibular/ auditory/ visual integration through the astronaut program, arousal regulation through individualized Sensory Diets and implementation of the Alert Program (How does your Engine Run). We also have therapists using the evidence-based Interactive Metronome to improve rhythm, timing, attention and learning and Cogmed – to improve working memory, attention and learning skills.
Kids Matters OT provides a full range of occupational therapy services including comprehensive assessment, treatment, school and home visits, holiday intensives for rural and remote clients and is currently expanding our capacity for the training of junior occupational therapists and rural outreach services.
Children who come to our clinic tend to globally improve in confidence, behaviour, anxiety levels, learning skills, play, communication, motor planning, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and self-care. They and their parents are able to walk forward and explore life more freely and with greater understanding of themselves and others.
Come try Occupational Therapy and journey with Kids Matters Occupational Therapists to help your child reach his or her potential.
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