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Nixon Build Pty Ltd
Nixon Build Pty Ltd
Real Estate Company-WYNNUM, QLD
Real Estate Company-Wynnum, QLD
Nixon Build can help you with your renovation or extension in Townsville no matter how big or small. On first contact, people are often confused as to how they initiate their building pro..
Townsville, Wynnum, Qld, 4178.
Townsville, Wynnum, Qld, 4178.
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Nixon Build can help you with your renovation or extension in Townsville no matter how big or small. On first contact, people are often confused as to how they initiate their building project beyond an idea. Nixon Build can coordinate all the services sequentially to end point your project.
Nixon Builders is a licensed Building Company based in Townsville, North Queensland. Nixon Builders can carry out projects of varying size from a small domestic renovation through to large commercial buildings. Each project is carefully supervised to ensure that they are completed on time to the satisfaction of the client. This commitment takes a large effort from the team lead by Bret Nixon the Managing Director of the Company.

Nixon Build and Design is a fully licenced building firm in Townsville North Queensland. We provide a fully comprehensive, personalised service to customers catering for all forms of customised construction including retro building work, house raising and restumping, extension and additions, internal and external renovations and home improvements. Our focus is on redesign, to provide functional space, without compromising the original character of the property.

Nixon Build and Design are passionate about our workmanship. We appreciate thoughtful design and quality which value adds to your home, as well as your lifestyle. We work closely with designers, architects and engineers to ensure your project will add a truly new dimension to your home. We encourage the use of the best materials and simple elegant designs to enhance your properties value and long term appeal.

Why Choose Nixon Build?

The builders, carpenters and subcontractors utilised by Nixon Build and Design are of the highest standard and are experienced in all types of building, retro fit and renovation works for both residential and commercial properties.

We specifically specialise in renovation as it requires a higher level of skill and attention to detail as you are working within the constraints of an already established building framework and creating a finish that matches and blends into an existing structure can often be a challenge.

Our areas of expertise include house raising, house restumping, complete renovation, retrofit components to an existing structure and all types of extensions including bathrooms, kitchens, external decks and entertainment areas.

The process of carrying out a renovation, depending on the size and scale, can sometimes be a lengthy process. Nixon Build and Design are there for you every step of the way. We are happy to discuss your ideas and dreams, visit your property and make recommendations based on the existing structure and available land space. We work closely with local designers and architects and will recommend a firm who specialises in realising a design concept based on your existing property type.

See our projects section to see before and after images of specific properties that have undergone transformation during renovation.

Where Do I Start?

 1. Initial enquiry and site visit
The best place to start is always with a face to face meeting onsite to discuss your ideas, goals and dreams in relation to the renovation. By meeting onsite and looking at The existing structure it enables us to visualise your ideas and advise practicalities, possibilities and necessary changes.

2. Design, drafting and architectural drawings.
The next step is to put your ideas onto paper and have them professionally drawn. Nixon Build can arrange a meeting with a designer to capture an initial idea and create scaled drawings of the floor plan. These plans are altered and changed according to changes made by you to achieve the desired outcome. The designer's position is to make recommendations for utilising space, optimising functionality and recommending construction methods to best suit the outcome and budget.

Once you are satisfied with the layout the draftsman will prepare working drawings and in most cases an estimation of cost can be prepared subject to soil testing and engineering. In most cases there are limited changes based on these factors as most designers and architects work with the same engineering tables. There are cases where soil tests may change footing sizes.

3. Soil Tests, Engineering and Building Approval and Certification
If the quotation is within budget and you are satisfied to proceed we will engage the soil tests, engineering and certification after an active contract has been secured. 

From here a construction date will be set to satisfy both you the client and Nixon Build. Nixon Build will provide you with a detailed program from start to completion with an account of all elements within the project. You will also receive a construction schedule detailing the materials products and finish to all elements of the project.

4. Construction

Nixon Build will provide a contract securing all of the above including the payment schedule based on percentage of work complete. Consideration must be given to the potential of variations. There are possibilities of unforeseen costs e.g. perhaps in the instance a wall is removed to find extensive termite damage that was not identified at the outset. This work would be performed under the owner's instructions through the variation process.
Often the property owner will request changes throughout construction. Nixon Build supports these changes as they often enhance the design or optimise an opportunity. However they would be priced and authorised by the owner before proceeding. It is important to have variation contingencies when considering a building project.
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