Feng Shui Gold Coast

Feng Shui Gold Coast
Feng Shui Gold Coast
Financial Services-WORONGARY, QLD
Financial Services-Worongary, QLD
Feng Shui is a way of living in harmony with your surroundings and reaching your life goals. When the Feng Shui principles are followed in your home or at work, you are able to sleep better ..
Karma Place'' 86 Quambone Street, Worongary, Qld, 4213.
Karma Place'' 86 Quambone Street, Worongary, Qld, ..
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Feng Shui is a way of living in harmony with your surroundings and reaching your life goals. When the Feng Shui principles are followed in your home or at work, you are able to sleep better and live healthier lives. Feng Shui enhances your productivity and prosperity, reduces tension and unlocks your overall life''s destiny. Learn more about Feng Shui and how it can help transform uninspiring properties into dream homes and slow businesses into prosperous enterprises. Perrie''s experience is diverse, having worked on small family consultations, large company projects, alongside developers, architects and high profile clients as well as retail shops and residential private estates. Most of Perrie''s clients have worked with her over a period of many years and would not consider purchasing a new property or building a new home without her approval, whether the project''s are in Australia or Worldwide.

.As a little girl I was fascinated with my neighbourhood and the homes in it. The way most of the families were distinctly different even if the only difference was one side or the other of the road. I would find myself evaluating (even at a very young age) each home that I visited.

Some of the homes were warm and welcoming with beautiful smells, the families were caring and their children (my friends) did well at school. On the other hand there were homes where the parents worked almost all the time. Their homes felt in need of love and were filled with fear, arguments and at times violence. Our home was neither one nor the other, overflowing with books, music and food, yet we lived happily and humbly.

Years later it all made a sense to me as I realised that the Feng Shui and the lay of the land of my small community had so much to do with it. Some of our neighbours lived near the river while some were facing an old cemetery and some of us were on the side of the hill.

Today I'm still curious and find myself taking my compass out like a detective and doing a reading on a house that is up for sale. Wanting to know why the home for sale, my trusted Lou-pan (compass) tells a story most of the time. Is it:

  • Upgrading due to good prosperity?
  • Is it disagreements and arguments?
  • Or is it a marriage break up?

As you can see I'm just as inquisitive now and not much has changed after all these years. Nowadays my aim is to encourage my students and clients to be conscious of the energies around them and how these make them feel. The feelings are symptoms or afflictions and Feng Shui is the way of diagnoses and prescribing treatment.....It's that simple....

I have been very lucky in my life to cross paths with many Feng Shui teachers their generosity with their time and sharing their knowledge has been inspiring. My most respected teacher is the world respected Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu.

Sitting in the front row of his class and hearing him explain formula's thousands of years old , I came to realisation that Feng Shui cannot be learnt, not even from the best books on the subject.

A serious student of Feng Shui should at least once in their lifetime spend some time learning from and in the presence of a true Feng Shui Master. My Feng Shui studies have taken me to different countries like Indonesia Bali to learn the Balinese's sacred relationship with their land. While I was there I was lucky enough to attend Karen Kingston's ‘Space Clearing' workshop.  Karen is of English origin but has the most incredible deep connection with this island and their people. I loved the Balinese ancient wisdom she shared with us and the magical energy created during a moving mandala ceremony.

I was fortunate to go to Malaysia and sit for my Master Practitioner Certificate with Lillian Too. Lillian Too has published more than 80 books on Feng Shui and has been very successful in Asia in this predominantly male profession. My trip there was great, with a celebratory dinner in her home. I was inspired by her as a mother, wife, now a grandmother and most of all as a business woman.

My study with Joey Yap of "The Mastery Academy Of Chinese Metaphysics" has been insightful and I have completed my BaZi (4 Pillar Destiny Code) Mod 1& 2 and Advanced Practitioner BAZI 3. He is one of the most inspiring Feng Shui teachers with a fresh new look on Feng Shui.

Recently I was fortunate to attend the Feng Shui Conference in Hong Kong where I was able to meet and see Grand Master Raymond Lo.

I look forward to continuing the study of Feng Shui for the rest of my life and to sharing my knowledge. Being a Feng Shui Practitioner is incredibly rewarding and humbling. The complexities of this Ancient Study have made a great transformation in my personal life.

Wishing you harmonious discoveries with Feng Shui...

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