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Flags Of All Nations Pty Ltd
Flags Of All Nations Pty Ltd
Wholesalers and Retailers-WOOLLOONGABBA, QLD
Wholesalers And Retailers-Woolloongabba, QLD
A full description of the flag industry and how different materials and manufacturing methods affect flag life and cost When you go to buy a flag, “Quality” is an easy word to say, but it..
7 Burke Street, Woolloongabba, Qld, 4102.
7 Burke Street, Woolloongabba, Qld, 4102.
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A full description of the flag industry and how different materials and manufacturing methods affect flag life and cost When you go to buy a flag, “Quality” is an easy word to say, but it can mean a lot of different things in the world flags. You want a flag to run up a flagpole that won’t shake itself to death in weeks. Right? Buying a flag can be quite confusing when you would like some measure of value, to be sure that what you are getting is exactly what you want and need. And what you can buy at a fair price.
Flags of All Nations was established in November 1989 at a time when most flags were fully sewn by sewing together cut pieces of flag cloth, and the manufacture of the Australian flag was a laborious, time-consuming process.

About us:  John Jukes, Director of FlagsOfAllNationsJohn Jukes established Flags of All Nations with his wife Cathy in 1989.  Cathy had had 20 years’ experience as the “flag lady” with the old-established flag and canvas firm, George Pickers & Company.  Cathy insisted from inception that “quality first” should always be of paramount importance at Flags of All Nations, which it still is today.

Cathy is no longer involved in the company.  Today John is the sole Director of the company and is semi-retired, although he is occasionally called upon for field visits to advise on flag and flagpole problems, leaving day-to-day operations in the hands of his competent staff.

When we launched we were concerned no-one would be able to find out about us. We were too late to get into the Yellow Pages Directory to establish a retail business, so we contacted the flag industry throughout Australia and very soon discovered we were making Australian flags cheaper and more consistently accurate than anybody else, because industry practice then was the laborious “piece-on-piece” method, outdated by the George Pickers technique.

This was our start as Australia’s  premier flag wholesaler today, supplying to flag retailers across Australia, as well as becoming a major retailer of sewn flags, banners, and poles for the public.  As firms’ experienced staff aged and retired, they were not replaced because the firms could buy better and cheaper from us.  We were very lucky indeed!

The start of Custom Flags – We pioneered the industry

In the 1990s a corporate or custom flag usually consisted only of a name.  Very few flags had logos, but when it was demonstrated that badges and logos could be attractively appliqued,  the market began to demand illustrations on flags, leading to the spectacular flags we see today.  Applique is a technique in which coloured cloth is sewn onto the flag to form the illustration.

Meanwhile, these methods and techniques have formed the basis of more firms entering the flag industry as past employees have set up their own flag businesses to satisfy a growing demand for flags and cloth banners.

Flags of All Nations is now a leading authority, referred to by many in the industry for technical information, and is still the leading wholesale supplier to the industry as well as a major retailer of flags and poles direct to the public.

Looking into the crystal ball

Over the last two decades we have seen a steady change in public attitude toward flags in Austrtalia.  When we established Flags of All Nations in 1989, if you were to ask somebody would they like a flag they would look at you sideways as if you were a  bit odd!  Coming into the next century the same question would prompt a reply, “What would I do with it?  I haven’t got a flagpole.”  Today the response is a speculative look in their eyes as they stop and think about the idea.

Now, with the development of printing processes over the last decade we have seen a plethora of cheaply printed flags coming onto the market  being readily snapped up by an interested public.

We have also seen a reduction in the numbers of fully sewn flag manufacturers, most of whom have reached retirement age and left the industry.  There has not been a new firm entering the sewn flag industry since the early 2000s, with likely entrepreneurs discovering “too much opposition” from the growing digital printing technology and taking their investment capital elsewhere.

Cheaply printed flags have  been on the market long enough now for buyers to recognise their disadvantages, chiefly their short life span due to the need for them to be printed on very thin material, and having experienced the pleasure of flying their flag, people are beginning to demand a better quality in what they buy.

Flags of All Nations welcomes and absolutely encourages the use of cheaply printed flags because it is leading to a growing interest and demand for well-made flags.  At the same time, Flags of All Nations continues the manufacturing policy it has followed since inception in 1989 — QUALITY FIRST.
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