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Bamboo Down Under
Bamboo Down Under
Professional Services-WONGAWALLAN, QLD
Professional Services-Wongawallan, QLD
Running bamboo spreads from an underground rhizome which travels in an unpredictable direction and as much as 6 metres in a season. Culms will grow through the surface at varying intervals a..
930 Tamborine-Oxenford Road, Wongawallan, Qld, 4210.
930 Tamborine-Oxenford Road, Wongawallan, Qld, 421..
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Running bamboo spreads from an underground rhizome which travels in an unpredictable direction and as much as 6 metres in a season. Culms will grow through the surface at varying intervals along the length of that rhizome, spreading beyond the original plant producing the running bamboo grove. Clumping bamboo produce short, upward curving rhizomes that grow out of the soil to become the culms, forming a clump immediately around the original plant. Clumping bamboo cannot physically run and will stay in a clump where you plant the original bamboo. With our blocks becoming increasingly smaller, the need for privacy screens, shade, noise barriers and wind breaks has increased. This is where clumping bamboo is fantastic. It is the most popular choice for anyone wanting to enjoy a Hedge in a Hurry to block out neighbors, buildings or fences within narrow garden beds, or to simply have their gardens stand out from the crowd! Not to mention, INSTANT PRIVACY!
Bamboo Down Under began quite simply.

Rick's passion for plants and fond childhood memories of bamboo inspired him to plant many bamboo varieties in his backyard for his own two daughters to enjoy. He came to learn that many people shared his love of bamboo, in particular the clumping varieties. He started inviting people to view his gardens and was inundated with visitors who couldn't get enough of “all things bamboo”. He saw an opportunity to fill a niche within the nursery and garden industry so he began deliberately sourcing particular desirable species, learning and practicing propagation techniques and developing the business together with his wife, Lisa.

During the years 1997 – 2003, Bamboo Down Under was a small family business with a growing loyal customer base. After establishing themselves within both the Retail and Wholesale aspects of the nursery business, Rick and Lisa decided to make the big jump and move the business and family to a 7 acre property in the heart of the Gold Coast Hinterland. They immediately started building up stock and planting out gardens with the help of just one nursery hand.

In 2004 the business became an official Company and they began to import select species from around the world to suit Australian conditions and to compliment the range of clumping bamboo species currently available. 

By 2007, the business growth was considerable and stock levels had risen to full capacity at the Wongawallan site, and they began searching for a larger, secondary site to use as the wholesale and production nursery. In 2008 they purchased a nursery at Mudgeeraba and increased stock numbers to cater for a growing interstate demand.

Superior quality species was sought from all over Australia and they had begun to sell bamboo all along the eastern seaboard, into South Australia & eventually into Western Australia. They were quickly becoming known as the reliable and quality provider of bamboo. Their staff count had by then grown to over 15 which included a full propagation team, groundsmen, administration and salespeople, allowing both Rick and Lisa to continue to grow the business and oversee all operations.

Despite some severe setbacks with extreme water restrictions through the drought in the early 2000's, the Global Financial Crisis, the horrific 2011 floods and Cyclone Oswald in 2013, the established plants in the gardens at both nursery sites continued to do well. Having the nursery gardens be a testament to the various qualities bamboo possess was a crucial and valuable tool in educating the public on the unique benefits and hardiness of clumping bamboo. 
The stigma of ‘invasive running bamboo' was still encountered but with one visit to their beautiful grounds at Wongawallan, all of Bamboo Down Unders customers become fully on board to the undeniable truth of clumping, non invasive bamboo.

The business has since expanded from a bamboo nursery to a full Garden Centre; with a variety of tropical and sub-tropical plants, fertilisers and complimentary gardening products and a unique Giftshop. Bamboo Down Under has been proudly awarded the “Best Specialist Garden Centre in Queensland” at the Nursery & Garden Industry Awards due to the enthusiasm, passion and professionalism of the customer service staff, the beautiful & educational gardens and the extensive range of quality bamboo species available.

All are invited to visit the Wongawallan retail site and spend a day strolling through the Rainforest Walk, Enchanted Forest, Maze, Meditation Garden and Bamboo Tunnel. A browse through the unique Giftshop is a must do, as it features an extensive range of bamboo products, buddhas and all things feng-shui. And one could not possibly leave without visiting the extremely unique restroom for a little piece of bali style tranquility!
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