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Am-Boss Access Ladders Pty Ltd
Am-Boss Access Ladders Pty Ltd
Auto Parts & Accessories-VIRGINIA, QLD
Auto Parts & Accessories-Virginia, QLD
AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd were first to manufacture pull-down access ladders that complied with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). With the new National Construction Code (NCC) bein..
19 Robinson Rd, Virginia, Qld, 4014.
19 Robinson Rd, Virginia, Qld, 4014.
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AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd were first to manufacture pull-down access ladders that complied with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). With the new National Construction Code (NCC) being developed, the CSIRO ceased its Appraisal scheme officially in December 2009. The National Construction Code (NCC) was developed to incorporate all on-site construction requirements into a single code. The NCC comprises the BCA (Volumes One and Two), and the Plumbing Code of Australia as Volume Three, into its series and is the national technical document which sets the standards of building work in Australia, including non-residential buildings.
In the year of 1979 Werner Hecht first designed and manufactured prototypes of pull-down access ladders. The product was very good and in 1980 the Business name of Amboss Trading was registered. Sales increased, in 1981 Amboss made its first Melbourne Home Show appearance, the first for 17 years running.  In the early times Werner also went out to do the installations to see first hand how the Access Ladders performed, and what improvements could be made.

This led to the invention of fixing clips being fitted, they stop the unit from falling out of the ceiling after being pushed into it.  Together with the fitted metal architrave makes installation very easy. AM-BOSS Access Ladders always had a simple height adjusting mechanism to eliminate mistakes and again simplify installation, at the same time keeping the bottom step the same distance off the floor as the spacings from the other steps.

Werner does not go out to do installations any more, but all the benefits are still there for the owner and or installer to enjoy today.  Always looking to make the product better, many changes were made over the years, but it virtually has come to an end now.

Amboss Trading changed its name to Amboss Ceiling Ladders and then to AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd. The Aluminium and Timber Access Ladders are now available throughout Australia, as well as this we find them in the Antarctic, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong and Kuwait to mention some.

Installed in all types of Buildings, Government, Factories, Hospitals, Domestic new and existing. The complete system is extremely well manufactured, simple, trouble free and in domestic installations AM-BOSS offers a twenty Year warranty.  AM-BOSS makes most of the Hardware such as hinges, counter balance system etc., in house, and is proudly 100% Australian Owned.  Counter balance system is made in such a way that when the door is closed the springs are almost relaxed.  All moving parts are lubricated at assembly.

Smooth access panel, no screws or hinges visible, neat metal architrave, draft seal, perfect counter balancing, adjustable ladder with bottom step always same distance off the floor as spacing from other steps.  No assembly needed, no cutting required, no mistakes made.

This system is ideal to create safe access to the ceiling space for a storage facility, or access to plant room and rooftop access.  Installation in joist or truss type ceilings is quite easy.

Rated at 150Kg. Tested by Metlabs in Melbourne.

In September 2006 AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd released its new model, the ‘Big-Boss™'.  Manufactured in welded aluminium, it has all the qualities of the ‘Access-Boss™' but comes with a wider hatch and ladder width.  Any query you may have don't hesitate to ring AM-BOSS on 03 9310 8788, ask for Werner, he can tell you all about pull-down Ceiling Access Ladders.


Welcome to AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd!  We are proud to acknowledge that we have had 30 years experience in supplying you with roof access ladders of all kinds for domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

With these many years of experience up our sleeve, we can promise you that you will be completely satisfied and confident in our product and customer service.

At AM-BOSS we strive to give you the best - refining our beliefs and positive attitudes and implementing them into our daily work.  Our product is readily available to you and your company in any state or Territory throughout Australia, through a number of reliable and renowned Suppliers and Distributors.


AM-BOSS pioneered installations of access ladders into suspended ceilings, and has done so for over twenty years.  AM-BOSS developed a design using galvanised steel profiles, specially made to suit this type of application.  Galvanised hangers and bracing will keep the galvanized steel support frame rigid 40mm above the suspended ceiling.  The AM-BOSS pull down access ladder is then installed into the support frame, the zinc sealed steel architrave of the access ladder is strong enough and will support the ceiling around it.

A fixed secondary ladder will continue from the pull down access ladder into the ceiling space, to the plant room floor, or the access hatch in the roof, to give access to air conditioning or what ever.  In grid ceilings AM-BOSS always installs the access ladder into one grid.

At the moment AM-BOSS does a lot of this work for telecommunication companies as a lot of transmission towers are fitted to roofs on commercial buildings and access is required through the ceiling on the top floor, which usually is a suspended ceiling, and onto the roof.  In commercial situations where the system is used many times a day AM-BOSS also offers heavy-duty models.

AM-BOSS also manufacture swing down ladders suited for in door and out door use.  Beautifully engineered heavy-duty 'Electric' models that can be linked to smoke alarm systems for automatic opening or closing of the stair system, with battery and manual over-ride.  'Top-Opener' models that can be operated manually from the floor above or below, very suitable for escape situations, or if traffic on the floor is heavy the service person can retract the stair from above to minimize the inconvenience.  Those systems are imported from Germany.


Any of the above systems are not listed by the ASA at this point of time.  CSIRO did an appraisal on our access ladders.  AM-BOSS Access Ladders do comply with the Building Code of Australia and are CodeMark Certified.

Please, do not hesitate to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff, and feel free to browse over our website!

Our pull-down access ladders have been manufactured by AM-BOSS in Australia since 1979.  Available nation-wide through many Distributors.
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