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Intelligent Accounting Solutions
Intelligent Accounting Solutions
Professional Services-VARSITY LAKES, QLD
Professional Services-Varsity Lakes, QLD
For all your MYOB needs MYOB Certified Consultant_Gold Coast When quality is important Need MYOB Help? Looking for a great MYOB expert? Well you're in the right p..
48/28 Castello Cct, Varsity Lakes, Qld, 4227.
48/28 Castello Cct, Varsity Lakes, Qld, 4227.
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For all your MYOB needs MYOB Certified Consultant_Gold Coast When quality is important Need MYOB Help? Looking for a great MYOB expert? Well you're in the right place. I'm Angela Roberts, your local Gold Coast MYOB Certified Consultant and Qualified Accountant! I can come to you, in your home or office to help you fix or implement any MYOB problems and changes. With so much experience and knowledge of MYOB, you'll be amazed at what can be achieved and how quickly and efficiently. Don't struggle along on your own or spend hours waiting on hold with MYOB Australia! Please read further information about my MYOB Consulting Services, or to make an appiontment, please phone me on 1300 896 695, or email [email protected] I'd love to help you get the most from your MYOB and achieve the results you want, simply, quickly and accurately. Further information on why you should choose an MYOB Certified Consultant is here MYOB Accounting & Bookkeeping Looking for help with your MYOB Accounting and Bookkeeping in your business? Save time and messing around by having a chat with me about how you can streamline your account keeping and save time and money. I'm available to assist you, as often or as little as needed, both onsite and offsite. My speed and accuracy pay for itself many times over in an accurate and reliable set of books ready to send to your tax accountants with minimal additional work required, likely saving you money on your accounting bill too! I promise you that my abilities are second to none and that you'll never need to worry again. Services Available Setup, Install and Customise MYOB Troubleshoot issues, setup systems including payroll, inventory and timebilling Check for errors and fix mistakes periodically Bookkeeping with or without your own MYOB software carried out weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly Why Me? Affordable and efficient Accurate and reliable Get it done right first time around! Please visit my bookkeeping or MYOB consulting page for more information, read some testimonials and see our pricing Who Am I? Intelligent Accounting Solutions is a complete MYOB bookkeeping and consulting business run by me, Angela Roberts (pictured!). I've been a dedicated MYOB specialist for 14 years and I'm registered as an MYOB Certified Consultant directly with MYOB. I provide dedicated MYOB support, assisting clients remotely via Logmein and completing MYOB bookkeeping from my office. I've completed my Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at Bond University, which provides you with peace of mind, as you will be working with someone who understands what you and your tax accountant need from MYOB. Enjoy the skills of an accountant without the accompanying price tag! Not that I'm not worth that! Personally, I prefer working hand in hand with my clients, providing support where needed, pieces of advice and the go to person for any business and accounting related questions which provides a strong complimentary service to the business owner. My services are of high importance to SME's to ensure accounts are prepared correctly and monitored by a qualified accountant + MYOB Certified Consultant, leaving your tax accountant to process your returns quicker, which should result in a lower accounting bill! Not only saving you in your accounting bill, I also ensure you don't miss out on valuable deductions, incorrectly overpay amounts for such things as superannuation as well as saving you time by streamlining and simplifying MYOB or accounting related tasks! My business is helping your business succeed with MYOB by saving you time and helping you get the most out of your software. Why Choose Intelligent Accounting Solutions? As an MYOB Certified Consultant I must meet certain criteria identified by MYOB. This gives you the reassurance that you are being looked after by a professional, with a high level of knowledge and multitudes of experience in all kinds of businesses. I'm also a qualified accountant, who is not competing with your tax accountant, instead I work to complement their services by providing that support that many businesses desperately need during the year, quickly and efficiently. Lets face it, your accountant is overworked and frankly, doesn't get MYOB and may not understand your day to day business needs. If I accept a new client they are given priority. Reliability is very important in this very relationship with your business, as is integrity. Commitments are not made if they are not going to be kept and each client is treated with the utmost respect as I know how important time is to a small business. There is also no fabricating work to increase the hours charged, in fact, we aim to minimise the amount of time required and therefore keep the cost to as low as possible! Less happy clients are more valuable than more unhappy ones. MYOB carry out re-testing each year to maintain the professional recognition provided to my as an MYOB Certified Consultant and professional development is required throughout the year to ensure the clients are always given the most relevant information and assistance. All MYOB Certified Consultants are in constant contact and we assist each other in any way needed. Unlike others who offer bookkeeping services, work completed by myself is accurate the first time around. There will be no costly mistakes or rework required. If you have had a bad experience in the past and would like to discuss my ability and reputation please let me know and I'll email you client contact details so you can assure yourself of my level of expertise. MOST IMPORTANTLY I'm extremely fast in using MYOB. All keyboard shortcuts are utilised and my data entry speed is very fast, I'm regularly complimented on my data entry abilities! The cost of using my services therefore provides value for money as I get much more done, in much less time. If you're after an expert bookkeeper, you've found her. My Clients My clients are from a wide range of industries from very small service based businesses, to retail shops, medical specialists, manufacturing and internet businesses! Each have their own individual needs which is tailored as we go, based on what they want, and what I recommend, to streamline their business for smooth operations. Some clients require only occasional assistance, while others value the constant checking in and monitoring that I can provide for peace of mind as well as efficiency and accuracy, which frees up their valuable time for more important issues! Whichever suits you is perfectly fine. As a client of Intelligent Accounting Solutions, you'll always be treated with top priority. Please click here to read some Client Testimonials I've also listed a few of the major dilemma's I've assisted clients with on the MYOB Mistakes page

Assisting small businesses in accounting and bookkeeping with MYOB has been my goal for around 14 years. Before commencing my business in 1999, I held roles in Office Management and worked for a Chartered Accountants Office. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from Bond University, completed this year with many awards and a final GPA of 3.417/4 (Equivilant 85% average!)

Since being in business for the last 11 years, I've been involved in some very interesting projects in different industries and different areas that has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience in what it takes to run a small business. In any area of your business you can rest assured that I've seen the same thing once, twice, or a hundred times in some cases. If there is something I don't know, I usually know how to find out quickly.

My speed on a keyboard for data entry into MYOB is very fast, and very accurate. It is important to remember when choosing someone to assist with your MYOB accounting and bookkeeping, that often a low hourly rate equates to a long time to do the work or a level of incompetence and a low hourly rate should make you question their ability.

I always aim to please, and that means keeping the time spent with you to a minimum, because it's more important for me to build an ongoing relationship than to make a quick buck. For this level of skill and experience, and my qualifications, you will find the cost of my assistance to be much cheaper in the long run. Iin fact, I may save you more money than my fees cost you, which is the case more often than you may think!

Why is it important to be is Certified by MYOB?

If you look hard enough you'll find a lot of people who claim to be “Experts” in MYOB, and while there are many individuals out there who have used MYOB, there are only a handful of us who have devoted our careers to working with MYOB software who are really capable of the help you deserve.

Bookkeeping and consulting is still an unregulated industry and no formal qualifications are needed to work in our industry, though that is changing with the need to now hold a minimum of a Certificate IV in Accounting. That's why it is important that you choose a consultant who is certified by MYOB and holds the appropriate qualifications. It is important not to shop on costs only, but to consider what the overall cost/ benefit to your business is.

If still in doubt about your decision for specialised MYOB help, give me a call as I'm happy to speak personally to you about your own situation.

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