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Education-Varsity Lakes, QLD
Unit 12, 475 Scottsdale Drive, Varsity Lakes, Qld, 4227.
Unit 12, 475 Scottsdale Drive, Varsity Lakes, Qld,..
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About Roy

For over 43 years, Roy McDonald has been searching out, creating, and pioneering some of the best strategies for creating wealth and success in people's lives. He is the founder of The OneLife Group.

As an educator, author, business coach, and strategic planner, Roy McDonald is a hands-on wealth creator. The programs that he teaches at OneLife have enabled thousands of satisfied clients to increase their belief in themselves and therefore their belief in their ability to create wealth.

Roy is a self-made millionaire and throughout his career has been director of 49 different structures and had interests in more than 24 companies that turned over in excess of $30 million a year (more than $700,000.00 a week!). This includes an Accounting Firm, a Financial Planning Company, a Real Estate Business, a Development and Construction Company, a Training Organization and other business including Investment Companies, Trading Companies, a Travel Company, Farming and Cattle Breeding.

Roy McDonald has been educating people in wealth creation strategies for over 23 years and now with OneLife, he gives the participants of his programs a holistic and balanced approach to creating the life of their dreams.

Roy McDonald made his first million dollars in 1973. This is estimated to be the same as $10 million in today's money! He actually does what he teaches!

At age 19 Roy McDonald was like most other Australians. He grew up the son of the typical “Aussie battler” in Sydney's south west. He remembers on more than one occasion having the power cut-off at home because they couldn't pay the bill. By age 28, life was very different. The “boy from Bankstown” had beaten the odds and risen to the ranks of an elite few in Australia by amassing his first million dollars. His story is inspirational and an example to us all of how even those who struggle to make ‘ends meet' today, can be rich tomorrow.

Roy has achieved something most of us dream of – he actually makes money while he sleeps! By strategically investing in property, shares and businesses, he has established streams of income that enable him to choose when he ‘works'.

Today, Roy McDonald is driven to help others experience the kind of success that he has achieved. The information he imparts today focuses on Real Estate, Business, Wealth Creation, Taxation, Superannuation, Lifestyle, Relationships, Health and Wellness as well as Financial Freedom.

Roy speaks about his passion and commitment to help others. “I've dedicated the rest of my life to this – it's my purpose.” he shares, “That's why I love teaching others how to do what I've done, and I suppose that's why people get such fantastic results from our programs”

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Our Team

At OneLife we are a community of likeminded individuals, a family committed to empowering one another to be all that we can be. We honour and celebrate one another's unique gifts and talents and all undertake the OneLife Mission:

“To create transformational educational programs where people learn how they can create abundance in all areas of their lives, reconnecting them to spirit and bringing them back to oneness”

Our team is made up of an exceptional group of aligned, passionate individuals driven to support, nurture and guide all who they come into contact with.

So let's meet them

Master of Cashflow – Founder of OneLife, Self-made Multi-millionaire and Entrepreneur

Over the years Katrina has combined her love of people, personal growth and empowerment to support her colleagues and clients in taking their life to the next level, creating the magic that is OneLife.

Meeting Alberta you immediately understand that you're meeting one of life's true gems, a sincere, beautiful woman full of love, gratitude, passion and warmth.  Alberta embodies ALL that Onelife is with her principal focus in life to  “be an extraordinary example of love, service, freedom, abundance and lifestyle, and to contribute daily to being on purpose.”

Trevor is an exceptional business coach whose coaching is born from a depth of knowledge and experience, having had 18 years working with some of Australia's top companies.

Kelly is a passionate and empowering individual who puts her heart and soul into her work as a life coach and OneLife driving force

Karen is head of Sales/Marketing and Operations at OneLife.  She is a vibrant and energetic business woman who is an integral member of the senior leadership team.  Karen is responsible for all the sales & marketing campaigns as well as the co-ordination and running all of the OneLife events.

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