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We are committed to continual self-improvement in development and ongoing research into new technologies and systems. Our mission is to provide the best development framework and structure c..
Suite 3, 20 Bay Street, Tweed Heads, Qld, 2485.
Suite 3, 20 Bay Street, Tweed Heads, Qld, 2485.
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We are committed to continual self-improvement in development and ongoing research into new technologies and systems. Our mission is to provide the best development framework and structure coupled with strong, reliable and robust systems for website development across the globe. Our company's objectives over the years have helped adapt our working environment to a more flexible online approach for delivery of our services. Businesses face many challenges when adopting new ICT systems to improve branding or operations. We have found over the years that there is a strong need for Digital Coaching in areas of online marketing and project management for businesses to succeed online. The problem however comes from a huge lack of quality information for businesses under these topic areas. Therefore our existing company objective has now broadened into a wider objective of high-quality digital coaching. To ensure the success of our clients in use of our proven web development methods we have adopted training strategies to help businesses make informative decisions about our products and services.

In Australia the term “Digital Marketing” is not used that often – instead it is replaced with either “Online Marketing” or “Internet Marketing”. Unfortunately this is also confused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

We have chosen to use the term Digital Marketing as we concentrate on the end medium or device that is displaying the content and as a result can not be confused with companies who wrongly define online marketing as only being Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or SEO services.

Digital Marketing covers a whole range of technologies and other marketing strategies. For example the phrase Digital Marketing includes Social Media Marketing and Newsletter Marketing. However our focus is in development and design. We do have digital coaches that may recommend working with other specialised companies who are niched with a platform.
We work with Digital Agencies across Australia and abroad. It is important to remember that we do not claim to be online marketing experts with specific products, platforms or services. Instead we look at your business and website from a project management point of view and help analyse your needs to seek the appropriate development team and implement your changes.


It is always best to use a selection of different digital marketing strategies and channels when marketing your own website. We offer some creative elements in our company services for digital marketing. The services below usually don't conflict with any online marketing specialists as they consider these to be stages of development or production.


We offer services such as PDF catalogues for products and services, digital flyers, logos and branding services to help create an effective and engaging experience when promoting your products or services. We call thiscreative design. It is the element of graphic design mixed with our own flair and ideas. We come up with the concept to help promote your products or services.


Just like creative design, creative content iscopywriting. The only difference is that we create the copywriting using creative approach to match the look and feel of your product or service. Normally the creative content is combined with the creative design in a digital campaign that we put together for you to use over a period of at least three months.


Video is a very effective way of being able to communicate to your client the things that make your company or business unique. It can also be used to communicate a client's problem and the solutions that your product or service offers. Video marketing can be combined with creative design and creative content writing, or it can be used on its own as either a corporate story or a viral video to saturate your market.


We offer solutions for digital campaigns that provide a mix of different multimedia types. We combine media with our creative flairand then plan to market and push the campaign through different platforms and channels including newsletters, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Digital campaigns take time to setup and implement, however they bring about excellent return on investment if you have an exact market or product that you are pushing. It can be a very good way of converting new customers and leveraging your business around a specific strength your business has.



Digital coaching can refer to anything that is digital on any device. We offer coaching and consulting to help teach businesses basic Digital Marketing principles and coach them to make more informed decisions regarding their online presence. We also offer consulting to recommend solutions for technical systems problems and operation improvements online. Our goal is to focus on cost reduction by adding more efficiency into the ICT systems that help track or deliver your products and services.


You can choose your own preferred digital coach within our team giving, you a broader access to different skill sets. Once your coach is selected they will use our methods to help build your site and systems by asking you detailed questions about your business to determine your needs and requirements.


Our coaches will always follow these stages:
1. Analyse
2. Recommend
3. Implement
4. Review
5. Modify

We are always improving our coaching methods, however it is long proven that using the above steps works well with our clients. Since business owners are very busy, our coaches organise a time with you to coach online via Skype. This not only provides complete flexibility for business owners who travel a lot, but it also engages them hands on in the decision making process. Clients can also look back over their Skype transcripts at any time to refer to links and previous answers to their questions.

We cover a very broad range of topics including Digital Marketing. Our Skype sessions can focus on any digital problem you have and can help you also plan and implement a Digital Campaign.

We offer coaching in many key learning areas including but not limited to Facebook, Google Analytics, Blogging and Project Management.

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