Chisel Fitness Personal Training

Chisel Fitness Personal Training
Chisel Fitness Personal Training
Health & Fitness-TUGUN, QLD
Health & Fitness-Tugun, QLD
To provide an accurate and effective training environment where people can achieve real results, without having to sort through all the misinformation and innacuracies that currently exist w..
PO Box 55, Tugun, Qld, 4224.
PO Box 55, Tugun, Qld, 4224.
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To provide an accurate and effective training environment where people can achieve real results, without having to sort through all the misinformation and innacuracies that currently exist within the health and fitness industry. Company Overview Chisel Fitness is a Gold Coast based Mobile Personal Training Company that is passionate about helping to educate you on all things health and fitness. Our trainers are commited to ensuring you achieve the results you want, whilst helping you understand your body and ultimately achieve your optimal health.

At Chisel Fitness we respect the fact that personal training is indeed arelationship between trainer and client. Our first session allows both trainer and client to build the foundation of a partnership that will foster the results YOUwant.

Before any physical training takes place we like to have a relaxed chat about your lifestyle and training goals so that we can develop and individualised plan to get you fast, effective and efficient results. Together we can set some goals and perform some basic physical tests to use as a benchmark for your training progress.

Training sessions with Chisel Fitness

We specialise in producing high quality, specific training sessions that are focused on helping you achieve Fast, Effective and Efficient Results. Our training sessions are always challenging and fun so that you are always progressing towards your goal.

Nutritional Analysis and Healthy Eating Plan

A well balanced nutritional plan is integral to you achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals. Chisel Fitness can help you by providing support and advice at various stages of your training. By completing a food diary with one of our qualified team, we can identify specific areas of your nutritional plan that can be modified to help you achieve success earlier.

Postural Analysis

Almost everybody has some type of muscle imbalance within their body. These imbalances can be the result of childhood development, past sporting, leisure or employment situations or even current training or lifestyle factors, and they occur as a result of your body adapting to the demands you place on it.

As a result you may be at risk of injury or losing functional movement patterns and strength as you get older. All of the trainers at Chisel Fitness are experts at detecting these imbalances and working to improve overall functional strength and ability. By performing a simple postural analysis we can develop a program specific to your needs.

Some benefits of this may include:

  • Relief from existing back pain
  • Prevention of injury
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Decrease “stiffness” and “soreness” associated with ageing
  • More efficient movement patterns.
  • Core Conditioning

Regardless of your training goals, your core strength or stability is an essential part of your success. Chisel Fitness training team have years of experience helping people develop their core strength as part of a well balanced training program.

Core training is based on the idea that by strengthening the muscles that surround the torso, pelvis and spine, you can increase the stability throughout your entire body. This can not only help improve athletic performance, but will also improve your daily functional movement patterns which in the long run will prevent injuries associated with the back, hips and mid-section.

Group Training Sessions

Would you feel more comfortable training with a partner or group of friends? The trainers at Chisel Fitness conduct group sessions in a number of location.

Some of the groups we train include:

  • Sporting teams
  • Work colleagues
  • Neighbourhood friends
  • Corporate Groups
  • Social Groups

We supply all of the equipment and can tailor a program to cater for people with a variety of fitness levels within the group. Our group sessions are always fun and enjoyable and you'll find yourself watching the clock waiting for the next session to come around.

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