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Entirely Organised
Entirely Organised
Non-profit Organization-TOOWONG, QLD
Non-Profit Organization-Toowong, QLD
Specialising in organisational services and systems for time poor professionals, teenagers and families allowing them to manage their time and lifestyle. Our small business and home office s..
PO Box 2352, Toowong, Qld, 4066.
PO Box 2352, Toowong, Qld, 4066.
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Specialising in organisational services and systems for time poor professionals, teenagers and families allowing them to manage their time and lifestyle. Our small business and home office services are custom designed to provide a solution for your paperwork and management challenges.
Growing up in Toowoomba, with parents who ran their own small business, I always seemed to be in the middle of some organised event. As active members of various sporting clubs and committees I spent my formative years helping my parents organise tournaments, fund raisers and various events.
Whether it’s genetic or a product of my early environment I have continued to organise events, people and spaces all my life. I have been a member of many professional, sporting and school committees, lending my skills across many areas including administration, professional development, public education, events coordination and when required, sausage sizzle chef.
Gaining a Physiotherapy Degree from the University of Queensland in 1985, I have worked autonomously and within teams in a number of major city hospitals, rehab centres, regional hospitals, aged care facilities, my own and other private practices.
During my “time off” to have our children I became the Office Administrator/Financial Officer at an internationally successful Engineering Company. I also ventured into Property Development both as an owner/renovator and new build project manager, a business I continue to be involved with today.
I have relocated to, travelled, lived and worked in areas of Australia as diverse as the Kimberley’s in WA to inner city Melbourne and experienced firsthand the organisation required for a successful move and balanced lifestyle.
In late 2007, a desire to change careers and the observation of a need in our modern society, naturally evolved into Entirely Organised.
Providing strategies and systems that people can use in their homes, offices and lives is hugely rewarding. Everyone enjoys the satisfaction of saving time, saving money or living with less stress and chaos in their lives. Being organised affords people the luxury of time to enjoy their lives.
In 2010 I became an Accredited Expert Member of AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers) and am currently the chair person of  National Organising Week (NOW). I was part of the inaugural  NOW Subcommittee in 2011. I have recently joined the AAPO National Executive Committee managing  the Events Portfolio for 2012/13. I held the position of Queensland Forum Coordinator from  2009 -11  and was  part of the 2009 sub-committee which organised our Australasian Conference held in Brisbane that year. I completed American Organising Guru,  Julie Morgenstern’s Time Management Coaching Course in 2011 and have been working with Brisbane Boys College over the last two years, in their Strategic Learning Program, assisting their students to manage the many areas of teenage life.
I have a practical, “live in the real world” approach to organising. Whether it is a business system for your home office, a way to better manage your time or transforming your junk room into a useable space, it has to work for you. Every problem has an individual solution and I will help you find that solution.
I believe that with a little guidance and some practical strategies most people are able to achieve what they set out to do in life. We all dream of our perfect world but not everyone is able to form the steps along the path to realise that dream. Now those steps can be Entirely Organised.
My passion in organising lies with
  • People – helping them organise their lives, manage the stresses of everyday modern living and help them reach their goals to achieve their dreams.
  • Teenagers and Students – assisting this special group of people to get a handle on the many  things they have to juggle. With so many new options and decisions to be made helping them sort it out, fit in in, achieve their goals and have fun doing it is what we do
  • Offices and small business – setting up systems that will achieve a practical and smoothly running home or business office
I have a great network of professionals I can organise to get your job done. No task is too hard, too large or too small. Just ask!
Imagine you perfect world Entirely Organised!
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