Walk Without Pain

Walk Without Pain
Walk Without Pain
Hospitals & Medical Centers-TOOMBUL, QLD
Hospitals & Medical Centers-Toombul, QLD
Often these problems are caused by poor foot function / biomechanics (the way bones, joints and soft tissue work) and can really be fixed completely. Even conditions that can’t be cured such..
1015 Sandgate Rd, Toombul, Qld, 4012.
1015 Sandgate Rd, Toombul, Qld, 4012.
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Often these problems are caused by poor foot function / biomechanics (the way bones, joints and soft tissue work) and can really be fixed completely. Even conditions that can’t be cured such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can be relieved if the foot function is made more efficient. † For example, if on your feet for an hour, you suffer from foot, leg, back, shoulder & neck pain, this full progression of painful areas makes it likely that the higher up pains are indeed foot related. If you have headaches but none of the other pains, it is not likely that your feet are the problem.
Stephanie Cosgrove
Stephanie Cosgrove holds a podiatry degree with Honours from QUT (1990) in addition to a Master of Health Science majoring in podiatry . This was completed in 1996, also from QUT.
During her studies, Stephanie was awarded several university prizes, including the prestigious C.W.Graves award for excelling in orthotic design and manufacture. She has built on this knowledge to patent internationally. a new type of corrective orthotic device called a Copythotic. Stephanie has been in private practice since 1991 and has spent several years studying and assisting in foot surgery.

Stephanie’s primary professional interests lies in pain relief, especially in those for whom prior interventions have failed. As the Walk Without Pain! group’s consultant podiatrist, patients may choose to consult Stephanie about complex foot problems, including the following:

Foot pain, particularly if debilitating, long term or resistant to previous treatments.
Painful nail conditions that have resisted other treatments.
The effect of foot problems on body mechanics, particularly in causing knee, hip, back and shoulder pain.
Pre-surgical discussion of surgical and non-surgical options.
Stephanie has also written a reference book to provide doctors with a resource to better educate their patients. “Common Foot Disorders and their Effect on Body Mechanics” covers the 20 most common foot disorders and is available on this site under the “Info Sheets” tab. It can be used freely by doctor’s for their patients and individuals for their own use. Please refrain from using this IP for commercial purposes.

Jacqui Valkhoff
Jacqui qualified in podiatry in the UK. With more than thirty years experience in podiatry, Jacqui has also acquired further qualifications in physical therapy.
Jacqui special interests include rheumatoid foot care and pain relief. Jacqui works in our Bribie Island clinic.

Jason Pullar
Jason graduated as a podiatrist from QUT Brisbane in 2001. He has worked full time with Stephanie Cosgrove Podiatry Clinics since 2003. Jason mostly works from our Bribie Island and Toombul locations.
Jason works in all aspects of podiatry practice.

Belinda Inglis
After gaining her academic qualifications at QUT in Brisbane, Belinda moved to Hobart for two years to begin her career in private practice before returning to Brisbane and joining our podiatry group in 2006.
Belinda has a focus in diabetic care and education, general palliative care and biomechanics. Belinda also has a degree from Griffith University in Biomedical science and is primarily located at Bribie Island and Toombul clinics.
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