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Recording Oasis
Recording Oasis
Entertainment-Tallebudgera Valley, QLD
Create and environment for musicians and producers to feel relaxed and comfortable. Give them an amazing sounding room in a beautiful part of the world and provide them with the best availab..
13 Camphorlaurel Court, Tallebudgera Valley, Qld, 4228.
13 Camphorlaurel Court, Tallebudgera Valley, Qld, ..
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Create and environment for musicians and producers to feel relaxed and comfortable. Give them an amazing sounding room in a beautiful part of the world and provide them with the best available instruments and amplifiers to facilitate whatever sonic direction they choose to follow. We offer classic sounds from the past and combined them with the latest sounds of the now. With microphone preamps from the legendary consoles of a generation and classic microphones you would expect from a world-class facility. We are well equipped to meet almost any production needs. All backed by the latest digital recording tools and Plugin''s, Oasis has colour and tone unlike any other studio in Australia. Our analogue to digital signal path is seamless with 144 tracks of input available from 9 Lynx converters on our HD5 system. Mix to ½ Tape or to our 32 channels of Neve summing. Overdub with an amazing selection of keyboards and guitar amps. Or, record a band live in 5 isolated rooms with cleaver sight lines. We put a lot of time and passion into this space and have made something truly special. Check out our photos or we welcome you to come and see it for yourself.
Our Studio / Services
Audio Recording Studio:
Recording Oasis is designed with the musicians needs at the forefront. We have numerous live and dead rooms surrounding a central control room. Each of the rooms has cleaver sight lines and is meticulously designed from top to bottom by renowned studio designer John Sayers to sound open and accurate. Each of the spaces is fitted with multiple Hearback systems making live tracking a breeze. 
Our selection of instruments in excellent condition make us a sought after space for overdubbing and post production needs. Oasis features a 7ft Stienway C grand piano, Hammond C3 with Leslie Cabinet, Rhodes MK1 88 Note, Korg Triton, Nord Stage, Microkorg, Roland V-Drums TD30 and a Pearl Masters drum kit. All of which can be recorded with classic microphones from Telefunken, Neumann, Brauner, Royer, AKG, Beyerdynamic, DPA, Rode, Calrec, Sennheiser, Sure and Blue.
We offer excess of 20 guitar amps and combos from AER, Badcat, Eden, Fender, Fryette, Marshall, Mesa, Victoria Amp Co and Vox. Guitar hire is also available upon request and our selection is second to none.
We offer recording packages from daily to monthly and can include our fully equipped onsite accommodation so you can really relax and submerse yourself in your production.  
Full equipment list can be found here.
Mixing at Oasis is constantly commended. The first step to a great mix environment is an accurate sounding room. Ours is at the top of its game. We offer both near-field and mid-field monitoring by Genelec, JBL, Tannoy and Dynaudio. Our Pro Tools 10, HD5 system features 192 voices of I/O through Lynx Aurora converters at sample rates up to 192k. Mixing is centrally controlled via a D-Command control surface. We have 32 channels of Neve 8816 Summing, L2 Hardware Limiting and 2-track analogue tape from a Studer A80.
Oasis has Outboard from API, Neve, SSL, Chandler, Mercury, Helious, Daking, Avalon, Focusrite, DBX, Waves, Summit, GML, Manley, Lexicon, Emperical Labs, Alan Smart, Avedis, Langavin, Soundfield and Rod Harris. All this complimented with TDM software from Sony Oxford, McDSP, Massey, Soundtoys, Autotune and Melodyne to name a few.

Although primarily used as a recording and mixing environment for musicians and producers Recording Oasis also provides additional services such as;
5.1 Mixing and Recording
Voice-over services
Dubbing and Data transfer
Data Storage
Promotional services
Session Musicians
Recording Oasis has onsite accommodation directly adjacent to the studio with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, BBQ facilities, and a 25-meter lap pool!
Sometimes it's important to escape the studio. Oasis is within 10 minutes drive to popular tourist spots like Burleigh Heads Beach and Mt. Cougal national Park. So if sun, surf or a cold beverage is on your mind then we have you covered. Our staff can even arrange transport to visit some of what the Gold Coast has to offer on your days off (if you have any).
See the grounds and surrounds click here.
Check out the Gold Coast
Label & Producer Services:

If you're an independent producer or label looking for a professional place to call home, then we want to hear from you. Oasis can accommodate you for as long as you wish to stay, with endless options to satisfy your needs. 
Stay in the fully self-contained band house, swim in the pool or get some work done. Overseas clients will love staying in Tallebudgera's Bush surrounds.
See the grounds and surrounds click here.
Education Services:
Recording Oasis is an integral part of the Gold Coast music community. We offer numerous educational services to primary, high schools and colleges. Packages are customisable to suit the schools curriculum. Students find the studio environment extremely stimulating and gives budding young musicians a taste of the professional side of the music industry.

Oasis also frequently lends its studio for professional master classes. Oasis has played an integral role in working with University's to further the skills of the future young talent.

The most popular educational service is our choral recordings. Oasis can accommodate large groups of students (our current record is 70). Packages can be tailored to suit different educational budgets, from CD recording to full DVD video productions, including 5.1 audio mixing.

Teachers and education providers can contact us to enquire further about how we can tailor a session to suit your students.
Artist Services:

Oasis has a number of experienced engineers and producers to suit any style of recording and of course, every budget. Whether you are a metal group or a pop group or you are here to record jazz on the 7ft Steinway we can do it all.
Click here to see the crew

Recording Oasis can take the hard work out of creating an EP or album. We handle everything from pre-production to distribution and the 400 other steps that lie in between.
Contact us with your ideas and we'll make it happen.
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