Professional Services-SURFERS PARADISE, QLD
Professional Services-Surfers Paradise, QLD
This site is to build a home for the outliers, early adopters, visionaries, pioneers, positive deviants...people who do not fit the norm. You are the ones escaping the cult of the average. ..
P.O. Box 950, Surfers Paradise, Qld, 4217.
P.O. Box 950, Surfers Paradise, Qld, 4217.
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This site is to build a home for the outliers, early adopters, visionaries, pioneers, positive deviants...people who do not fit the norm. You are the ones escaping the cult of the average. You are brave, daring, entrepreneurial...up for challenging the status quo. People may not always understand you, but you are hard to ignore because what you say invites consideration.
Positive Deviant Welcome Positive Deviants are those rare individuals who see wicked problems as an opportunity to create new and better solutions. This is for you if you~ *Have always known you see the world differently but couldn't figure out why. *You are serious about creating positive world change. *Your vision is often way in advance of the people around you. *You absolutely know that we have to start doing things differently...how we run our businesses and organisations, how we govern, our economic model, or model of determining value, our environment...and you get frustrated that it is not happening. ************************************************************** You are the outliers, the non~ conformists, the misfits and the rebels. You are often isolated, misunderstood and many times frustrated, because you see the possibilities so clearly, when few others have a similar capacity. If you are like me, as a Positive Deviant, you have spent most of your life thinking differently. But to be truly effective we cannot just rely just on our thinking ability. We must be committed to: Our own personal development Our development as leaders Our ability to communicate in ways that invite greater participation. We must be constantly learning and evolving our own world view, our own sense making. If we are in business, we must be willing to model our positive deviance in our business, as well as our life. We must be the model. And we must collaborate. Alone we can achieve little. The world needs positive deviants. We cannot look to the politicians and leaders of industry to innovate the kind of change called for. We count on change coming from the fringe....from people like you and I. This site is a space and place for positive deviants. The framework is an integral one, considering the whole.. all from a Positive Deviant perspective. As a network to nurture your growth, you may find opportunities through a variety of channels. Resources and tools on topics such as: Personal mastery Crafting and implementing a personal leadership development plan Small business strategies and systems Communication skills Personal sustainability New models of business Physical Intelligence, mind body, health Articles to Provoke and Evoke The work of Buckminster Fuller and other well known PD's New perspectives such as adopting a forever beta mindset Thoughts on current geo political issues Spirituality and the brave new world Guest posts by other Positive Deviants plus interviews of PD's in action Support systems and structures for PD's, most for free, some for a fee. Executive leadership coaching Networking, collaboration Teleseminars, webinars Books, ebooks, manifesto's My main goal is to build a Positive Deviant tribal hub. In the next few months as we go through a major site upgrade, each page will offer a place for comments, sharing and feedback. I invite you to participate and connect. Or simply send me a note. Your input challenges me; helps me grow. To stay at the very edge...this is how we can support each other. Agree with me. Disagree with me. Point out what I am not seeing....it's all valuable. There is also a Facebook page, which you can access here. Come over and visit...I add new things every day and would love to see your interactions. Lets keep the world at the fringe healthy vital and evolving... Keep rocking the edges, warmly, Christine
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