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ShutterKits Pty Ltd
ShutterKits Pty Ltd
Manufacture-SUMNER, QLD
Manufacture-Sumner, QLD
Shutters, plantation shutter kits and diy shutters from ShutterKits a leading Australian manufacturer of cedar shutters specialising in do it yourself shutter blinds. Servicing Brisbane, Gol..
Unit 5/20 Jijaws Street, Sumner, Qld, 4074.
Unit 5/20 Jijaws Street, Sumner, Qld, 4074.
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Shutters, plantation shutter kits and diy shutters from ShutterKits a leading Australian manufacturer of cedar shutters specialising in do it yourself shutter blinds. Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Queensland and Australia wide with DIY kit set shutters and custom built cedar plantation shutters.
ShutterKits Specialise in the Fast Delivery of Custom Made to Measure & Easy to Assemble Timber Shutters in Kit Form or Fully Made Ready for You to Install.

With many years experience in the manufacturing and installing of shutters we take great pride in offering great service and products in the market place.

We enjoy helping our clients so that they get the best possible result and 
Value for Money.


The Canadian Western Red Cedar Kit Shutters are Australian Manufactured in our Brisbane Factory using Australian Made Components with Canadian  Certified Timbers.
Shutters Delivered Flat Packed with Comprehensive Assembly Instructions to all Corners of Australia, New Zealand and Beyond....
Shutters that are of Top Quality and Durable that are Quick and Simple to Assemble with Patented Unique Design Features using Specialised Machinery Developed and Manufactured in Australia.
The Cedar Kit Shutters are suitable for Internal & External Applications.....
Fully Made Ready to Install Internal Hardwood Painted or Stained Shutters.....
Fully Made Ready to Install Aluminium Shutters for External Use.....

Are the Premier Supplier of Kit Set Shutters..
Shutters delivered containing all parts & comprehensive Instructions .
Shutters that are of top quality and durable ....
Shutters that are quick and simple to assemble with patented unique design features
Shutters with only 1st Grade Materials Used
Shutters with a choice of blade styles
Shutters with a choice of blade opening mechanisms
Click to visit the Shutter Kits Cost Calculator
Click to visit the Shutter Kits Cost Calculator

The Shutter DIY industry has grown markedly since the 1980s as DIY has become a popular weekend pastime for people wanting to improve their living conditions (and the value of their house) without the expense of paying someone to do it. The cost of paying someone else to measure, make, finish and fit your shutters can be a significant cost. If you, your dad or mum, partner or friend can use basic hand tools, then you can save heaps. Each shutter product is custom made to fit the window measurements provided. 

Shutters the history of:

For generations, people have selected wood shutters for their windows because of the durability, classic style and easy maintenance that shutters provide. They are frequently thought of as a standard fixture on historical buildings worldwide. Although shutters are in use almost universally, it is difficult to determine the exact historical origins of the use of shutters.

Shutters first used in ancient Greece

It is commonly believed that shutters were first used in ancient Greece in order to provide light control, ventilation and protection in that tropical environment. Those first shutters were likely constructed with fixed louvre's made out of marble. Eventually, the concept of shutters spread throughout the Mediterranean, and the form began to change. Wood started to replace marble as a more suitable material for production, and designers started developing movable louvre shutters to allow varying amounts of light and air into a room.

Shutters Bi-functional

Shutters generally performed two functions; admitting light and ventilation. Louvred shutters could be closed to minimise heat from the sun and simultaneously allow for ventilation and privacy when needed. With the louvres pointed in the downward direction, the shutters also shed rainwater. Solid shutters provided more insulation and were able to prevent insects from entering the home.

Shutters Security and Protection

In medieval Europe, houses had rectangular windows with solid shutters that sometimes closed with a large iron bar for security and protection. By Tudor and Elizabethan times, glass windows started to be used, but they were very expensive, therefore reserved for the upper half of window openings. Solid shutters below the sash, windows remained closed with solid shutters. Hinged glazed sashes started replacing the solid shutters in the 15th century. After that point, interior shutters were increasingly used as decoration in homes rather than strictly functional purposes. Woodwork like window shutters and moldings became the main decorative elements in smaller houses in early 18th century England. 

As wood construction started to be used for houses in the Victorian period, people started using shutters outdoors. The stone and brick houses built previously had deeper recessed windows that prohibited the use of exterior shutters because they would be unreachable from the inside. However, the thinner wooden walls allowed indoor access to exterior shutters.

Shutters and the Spanish in the New World

As the Spanish started colonising the Americas, they brought shutters to the New World. Decadent mansions in the South used shutters, and the term ‘plantation shutters' is derived from this area. Plantation shutters on cotton plantations usually had wider louvres than shutters used earlier, and they were almost always painted white. Traditional shutters often found in the New England states trace their roots to England, where the narrower louvre was used. Often café type shutters mimic the original use of shutters on the bottom portion of windows before glass was affordable.


You Can Make Top Quality Solid Wood External Shutters for Anywhere Outside Your Home at 1/3rd to 1/2 of the Cost of other “Professionally” Made, Finished and Fitted Shutters...

Proudly Australian Made & Owned. 

ShutterKits staff will gladly offer their professional help in any installation enquiries that you have.
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