The Authentic Executive

The Authentic Executive
The Authentic Executive
Professional Services-SPRING HILL, QLD
Professional Services-Spring Hill, QLD
Executive Advisor
PO Box 45, Spring Hill, Qld, 4004.
PO Box 45, Spring Hill, Qld, 4004.
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Executive Advisor


I am a Business Mentor and Advisor.

Through The Authentic Executive program, I am in the business of supporting people and businesses so they can become the best that they can be.

One of the beliefs of The Authentic Executive is embracing the concepts of honesty and open dialogue. That is why you will find my story outlined below to be detailed, frank, and possibly a little long!

However, I feel this is important because I refuse to remain guarded or cautious about telling you my story. I want you to know me, understand me, and get a real sense of where I'm coming from.

If we are to work together, you need certainty right from the get go. Certainty that I am the sort of individual that you'd be happy to spend time with, share stories with, listen to, explore boundaries and limitations – and move forward with.

The values that I lead my life by are:

  • Family – love, support and a strong connection with all my family
  • Freedom – the independence to be in control of my own destiny. To choose what I want to do and when I want to do it – which suits my life best
  • Spirituality – to stay connected to my intuition and remain clear and positive
  • Courage – to allow myself to follow the dreams and aspirations that I know I am capable of achieving
  •  Self Expression – openly expressing and digesting how and what I am feeling
  •  Integrity – to behave in a manner which is respectful to myself and to all the people in my life
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