Brisbane Family Lawyers

Brisbane Family Lawyers
Brisbane Family Lawyers
Law and Legal Service-SPRING HILL, QLD
Law And Legal Service-Spring Hill, QLD
"Please call us for a free, ten minute ""know-where-you-stand"" chat, or email us on [email protected] or jump on our websites or www.b..
419 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill, Qld, 4004.
419 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill, Qld, 4004.
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"Please call us for a free, ten minute ""know-where-you-stand"" chat, or email us on [email protected] or jump on our websites or to learn more. We also offer a reduced-rate, 1 hour initial consultation for $143.00. Please call your nearest office and quote this rate. Unfortunately we do not provide advice over any of our social media platforms. Please use one of the above methods to contact us with your query."

About Us

Journey Family Lawyers  formerly known as Brisbane Family Lawyers is the largest specialist Family and Divorce law Firm in Queensland and are the largest and original Brisbane Family Lawyers. The team is led by Bryan Galvin, a very experienced Lawyer with over 30 years of experience. We have branches of Divorce and  Family Lawyers in Brisbane,  two family lawyers in Strathpine and two family lawyers on the Sunshine Coast. All the team specialise in Family Law and have a wide range of experience in the jurisdiction. With Divorce and the associated issues of children and property settlement, it is important you have who you consider to be the best people to represent your interests. Whether it is for a mediated settlement or Consent agreement (Orders) or going to Court, our expert lawyers have the skills to assist you through the process of separation and divorce.

Jacqueline said, on the 24th February 2014

“Thank you very much Journey Family Lawyers, 
You were always there when I needed you. Very professional, so glad I swapped to you from my previous solicitor.
You turned my long dragged out issues on their head and then lined them up perfectly with speed, accuracy and professionalism.
Would definitely recommend Journey Family Lawyers to Family, Friends or anyone.
Thank you!

Family Separation advice, Family Law Court appearances  and Divorce Law is the only thing we do, so you can be assured that our team of dedicated  Brisbane Family Lawyers  and our Strathpine Lawyers are able to offer expert advice and experience. We all participate in Family Law training on a regular basis to ensure that we are ahead of the many changes in Family Law. We have permanent offices in Strathpine, Maroochydore and Spring Hill, all with easy parking. So if you need a Brisbane Family lawyer, a North Brisbane Family Lawyer, or a Sunshine Coast Family Lawyer , then please consider us..

If you are worried about money, we can work with you on ways to keep your costs down. You may wish to undertake a lot of the work yourself or you may want us to act for you only when it is important. Whether it is divorce, property settlement or child custody laws that keep you awake at night, we have the skills to help.

It is difficult to talk to a stranger about your problems, so allow us to introduce ourselves so you can feel that you know us a little better before you go on to the rest of our website. We hope this site and it's sister site is of assistance to you as they were designed with you in mind. This site is offered to you as an introduction to family law, and provides a useful resource for you whether or not you become a client of ours. We update this site regularly and invite you to save these sites as a favourite to refer to through your journey through separation.

Why we think we are different from other Family Law Firms.

You are special

In our firm, each solicitor has only a small number of clients so that your matter is given the attention it deserves and your solicitor is nearly always available to talk to you. Experience tells us that this means your case will be finalised sooner, with the resulting savings in stress and costs.

While we must work to the time frames of the court, we are committed to keeping your case moving, so that time is not lost unnecessarily. We understand that every day that your case is not finished adds a bit more stress on you and your family.

We did not set out to be the biggest family law firm in Brisbane, nor the most prestigious (although our credentials stack up). We do, however want to continue to be leaders in caring for clients and treating them with the respect they deserve. We have 11 great Family Lawyers in our 3 offices, and this means a quick and convenient appointment when you need it.

We use the experience and depth of the whole team if your case needs it, so you get the best possible assistance.

We know that many of our clients are experts in their own fields. We will help each client locate as much information as they want to help them understand the Law and the Court process (but if you just don't want to know about it, that's ok!).

Our Team Approach

As our client, in addition to your Principal Solicitor, you will have the benefit of at least one other lawyer knowing about your case so that if by chance an urgent matter arises and your own solicitor is unavailable, then the supporting solicitor should be available to help you at once.

You will have your solicitor's direct email address, and you will find that this is an effective way of exchanging documents and information ( and it's cheaper too!).

With the Online collaboration on documents that email allows, you should not have to spend as much time in our offices as you would otherwise.

Indeed we have a number of overseas and interstate clients whom we have only ever met by email. We are able to act for them quite effectively thanks to the internet. We have recent and relevant experience in overseas matters.

In addition, our Family Law Specialist contributes to the Journey Lawyers team approach by overseeing all files, and being available for telephone calls or consultation by you or your solicitors as and when needed.
Most strategic decisions regarding your case would be made by  your solicitors in conjunction with you.

Your role:

In our firm, you are encouraged to have input in designing the progress of your case. For instance you may have a view that your issues with your ex-partner can be negotiated.
You may then decide to instruct us to invest more time in negotiation than we would normally consider adequate. On the other hand, you may believe that negotiation with your ex-spouse would be fruitless unless there is a Family Court  or Federal Magistrate's Court case pending, and instruct us to take the shortest time to filing those documents.

Please be assured that when it comes down to a court hearing, we are a force to be reckoned with. We understand that sometimes what is needed is a resounding victory over an unreasonable ex-partner before that person is ready to discuss settlement.

We try to help clients help themselves by assisting in preparing their own documents if they want to, and having meaningful input in the preparation of their case. We understand that you are also coping with the emotions that divorce and separation evokes. That is why you may occasionally receive self-help booklets from us or referrals to counsellors or mediators if you want them.

Our philosophy is to try to get you through this most difficult time in one piece, both emotionally and financially. As a family law firm we believe that family law is not just about arguing your way to a victory, but that we must consider the impact of the court system on you as a person and how the outcomes can best be achieved that promote peace and harmony between all parties. Otherwise, there can be a legacy of bitterness and conflict that lasts years after the court process is finished.

We frequently have clients move to us from more “traditional” firms. We give confidential “second opinions” where you can meet with us for one hour for a set fee and discuss your case. It may be that you simply want to be reassured that your current lawyer is on the right track, or you may find that you are considering a change of solicitor. Either way, you are welcome to send us an email or make an appointment to discuss your particular situation. We have the “positive approach” that you may be looking for in a family lawyer. Each of the solicitors in our firm was selected for their understanding, commitment to mediated outcomes, litigation skill and for their flexibility in approach to family law problems. They welcome your participation and involvement in your case whether it be custody, property Divorce or Child Support. Our firm's name reflects what we want to do for you, and that is to be a guide by your side through your “journey” of separation.

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