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Vivid Obsession Group (VO Group) was developed to help businesses define their audience in a world where if your brand isn't seen by your target market, then you're brand or product isn't be..
Suite 2605 Southport Central Tower 2, Southport, Qld, 4215.
Suite 2605 Southport Central Tower 2, Southport, Q..
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Vivid Obsession Group (VO Group) was developed to help businesses define their audience in a world where if your brand isn't seen by your target market, then you're brand or product isn't being bought. VO Group markets your product or brand through many mediums. We utilise every opportunity possible to help reach your branding goal. We not only design and create your logo, we design and create a world where your logo, brand, business or company fit in to excel at its best. Building a website or an interface for your clientele to use is not just putting together a line of code or getting text to display on your computer screen, its about finding a balance between what a client fills in their hands or the feeling of purchasing their favourite product in the stores and putting that into a visual format on screen. Our extremely artistic design team work together to create any possibility for your brand or product, from Logos, Stationery and Business Cards to Corporate Branding, Marketing Campaigns and On Street Signage/Billboards. Our studio specialises in unique printing for any items required by even the most sophisticate clientele. Our on demand printing can have turned around times for your stationery printing within 2 days or even same day delivery. From general stationery to large corporate orders of books, brochures and flyers we can help design, setup and print your items. We offer trade printing to those business needing fast and affordable prices. Our studio is situated in the business hub of the Gold Coast surrounded but business who have great opportunity to network and build business relationships with and we utilise this opportunity to help build brands around us. Come visit out studio today to discover a world of creativity for your business!

Vivid Obsession is an energetic, fresh and dynamic company comprising of cutting edge graphic designers, industry leading website developers, SEO experts and quality, reliable printers. We work together to create, implement and support branding and growth strategies for companies Australia-wide.

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of marketing and printing and, by keeping all of your work with one company, to deliver outstanding results at an unbelievable price. Whether it's new stationary, a refreshed website, or the complete re-branding and re-launch of your entire company, we have the experience and drive to surpass your expectations and we guarantee you will love our work.

Our staff are outgoing, personable, and keep up to date with all industry trends and developments to ensure the product/s you receive will be cutting edge for years to come. Whether you know exactly what you are after or you are simply feeling stuck and your business isn't growing as fast as you desire, with our experience and knowledge you can trust that your business will be in good hands. And because all of our services are under one roof, we will save you time and money.

Vivid Obsession is fast becoming renowned in the industry as the leading marketing, printing and web development company. We are achieving unbelievable results for our clients with work that previously would have taken months, and the work of three or four different companies is done with one simple consultation. With one phone call, your company could be the next "big thing", your logo could be the buzz word of the year and your brand could be world-renowned. So what are you waiting for? Welcome to Vivid Obsession, where your dreams become a reality.


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