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Smith's Lawyers
Smith's Lawyers
Professional Services-SOUTHPORT, QLD
Professional Services-Southport, QLD
Smith's Lawyers
18 Bay St, Southport, Qld, 4215.
18 Bay St, Southport, Qld, 4215.
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Smith's Lawyers
Smith’s Lawyers is a specialist plaintiff litigation law firm with offices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Our team isn’t distracted by other types of law, instead we focus on what we do best: helping people pick up the pieces after a major life incident.
Smith’s Lawyers has built a solid reputation for seeking justice on behalf of our clients. When it comes to protecting your rights, we’re relentless.


All clients are protected by our unique ‘No Win. No Fee. No Catch. Promise. You will never be left out of pocket.

  • Personal attention: A senior lawyer is involved in your case from start to finish, (this means we won’t pass your case to a junior lawyer straight out of law school).

  • No obligation: Your initial consultation with Smith’s is 100% obligation free. Guaranteed.

  • Home visits: You can meet with us at either our Gold Coast or Brisbane offices, but if you can’t travel we’ll come to you, wherever you are in Queensland.

  • Honest advice: If your case is not winnable, we’ll tell you upfront.

  • Fee transparency: We use an independent and highly qualified Cost Assessor to assess our charges and ensure they’re fair.

  • Great results: Our goal is to get the best possible outcome for your case, and we’ll work relentlessly to achieve it.

In summary, the Smith’s Way is about providing personal service and excellent legal advice. Our lawyers have years of experience handling cases like yours, so they have a ‘been there, done that’ understanding of how issues will play out. This means you can rest easy, knowing your case is in safe hands.


Greg Smith
Kalista Gill
Senior Solicitor
Greg Lauritsen-Damm
Partner, Accredited Specialist
Simone Quilligan
Senior Solicitor, Accredited Specialist
Bahira Hadzic
Specialist Solicitor
Nick Sullivan
Operations Manager, Accredited Specialist
We’ve been helping Queenslanders for over 18 years. Our team of lawyers have a passion for helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.
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