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Gall Standfield Smith
Gall Standfield Smith
Law and Legal Service-SOUTHPORT, QLD
Law And Legal Service-Southport, QLD
Coming Together Gall Standfield & Smith offers the services of experienced legal professionals with deep roots in the Gold Coast community. The firm started in 1974 as a small practice oper..
Level 5, G.C.I.T. Building,91 Scarborough Street, Southport, Qld, 4215.
Level 5, G.C.I.T. Building,91 Scarborough Street, ..
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Coming Together Gall Standfield & Smith offers the services of experienced legal professionals with deep roots in the Gold Coast community. The firm started in 1974 as a small practice operated by Lester Gall on Nerang Street. Then in the late 1970s, Dennis Standfield left his position as the head of the Legal Aid Office to enter private practice. Gall had previously worked in a Legal Aid office and so he and Dennis Standfield were acquainted. The expansion of Lester Gall's practice prompted them to become partners in a firm called Gall Standfield & Co. In the following decades, the partnership included a handful of other solicitors. John Smith, who had played rugby with Dennis Standfield, brought his experience in litigation to the firm in the late 1980s. As John Smith recalls, “I was happy to join the firm because I knew the principals and knew that it was a firm with a future.” In 1993 the economy began to tighten, and John Smith purchased the interest of two other partners. At that point the firm became known as Gall Standfield & Smith. The firm's first office was in the Sun State Building (now called the Ray White House) on the corner of Nerang and Scarborough Streets. They leased the premises at the second floor of the Sun State Building until about 1985, when they moved to a new location at Cloyne Road (the Rutherford House). That building was sold, and after the lease expired in 1993, Gall Standfield & Smith moved to its current premises in the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE Building on Scarborough Street. Growing with the Community The practice started when the Gold Coast was a smaller, more isolated tourist town, before the great influx of population. “The Coast was a much smaller place where most practitioners knew each other personally,” John Smith remembers. “And most practitioners had the attitude of solving client's problems rather than taking legal technical points just because they could.” The firm strives to maintain that small-town integrity while tackling the issues facing a progressive, growing community. In addition to the family and estate matters that comprised much of the firm's work initially, Gall Standfield & Smith now acts for many of the Gold Coast's corporations and businesses in commercial litigation, building disputes, and planning matters. Also, with maturing clientele has come more wealth management advising. As Dennis Standfield explains, “the firm still considers itself a ‘mums and dads' practice, but with the ability to do complex litigation and commercial work.” In addition, the Gold Coast City Council has been enlisting the firm's services since 1980. Looking to the Future Gall Standfield & Smith anticipates continued success with future clients. Over the years, six other solicitors and more than a dozen support personnel have joined the firm's three partners in providing quality legal services. Many clients have had previous experience with the firm or were referred by a friend or family member. In fact, there are some second and even third generation clients.

Fields of Practice

Commercial Litigation

For success in litigated commercial matters the firm has determined that it must identify and meet clients' legal and commercial objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner. It recognises the merits of mediating disputes and using alternative dispute resolution methods when they are in a client's best interests.

Insurance litigation

The firm has established a significant insurance practice both for plaintiffs and defendants which involves clients in many classes of litigation including workers' compensation, compulsory third party, public liability, professional indemnity and product liability. The firm is able to identify and accurately assess clients' needs and conduct the work in an efficient and cost effective manner to ensure that the results to the client are professional, timely and decisive.

Commercial Law

The Commercial Law Division of the firm deals with a diverse range of transactions which span joint venture projects, directors' duties and liability exposure, trade practices, property and leasing and business restructuring. The need for the firm's lawyers to maintain close personal contact with clients is recognised. This enables the firm to gain insight into clients' problems and provide expert legal advice to satisfy its clients' needs.

Commercial Property Development

Gall Standfield & Smith lawyers recognise that efficiency and effectiveness are important in any property transaction. The firm's Property Division has a depth of experience and qualifications which enables it to professionally and efficiently handle all aspects of residential and commercial property matters. This includes leases, sale and purchase of businesses, residential houses, home units and vacant land, and subdivision and unit/housing development projects.

Building Construction Disputes

Gall Standfield & Smith lawyers have a high degree of expertise and accumulated experience in the building and construction area. The firm acts in disputes involving engineers, architects, developers, project managers, builders and contractors. These disputes, by their nature, can involve large volumes of documents which can tend to make issues seem unnecessarily complex. The firm actively promotes alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, to resolve, or at least limit, the issues, thereby saving time and costs. Where the dispute fails to fully resolve through these methods, proceedings are instituted in the courts or the Queensland Building Tribunal to adjudicate upon any remaining areas of conflict.

Intellectual Property

This complex area of law provides invaluable assistance to clients in protecting their interests in trade names and designs and enhancing goodwill. All business owners benefit from updating registrations of Trade Marks and Designs and applying for Patents on any unique inventions used as a process in the business or to be sold or licensed. The firm can assist in these respects and, with associated documentation, franchise or license those interests. The firm is able to prepare confidentiality agreements and act in any court proceedings to enforce or contest the validity of the rights in intellectual property.

Medical Negligence.

Medical negligence litigation is a complex and high risk area of litigation. However, the firm is committed to servicing clients in this area and more often than not will conduct this form of litigation on behalf of its clients on a speculative basis. The firm has experienced considerable success in medical negligence litigation due to its commitment to keep abreast of the latest developments in this area and having access to medical experts in most areas of medicine.

Estate Planning and Administration

The firm is aware of the importance its clients attach to their desires that their assets are passed on to persons in accordance with their wishes. The management of family companies or trusts must also be transferred into capable hands. The firm's lawyers realise this and advise clients to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled and that clients' estates are not unnecessarily reduced by such things as capital gains tax. The firm has experienced lawyers who are able to assist in the administration of estates as well as defending claims by family members omitted as beneficiaries or bringing claims by such family members.

Migration law

Clients are offered comprehensive and practical advice by our Registered Migration Agents. A successful visa application depends upon competent advice from people with experience in the complex area of Migration Law and Practice. The firm offers extensive experience to applicants for business skills visas, skilled visas, employment related visas and family visas. As a medium sized law firm advice is often provided to visa applicants on structuring of businesses; buying and selling property and other matters relating to residing in Australia.

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