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Auto Parts & Accessories-SOUTHPORT, QLD
Auto Parts & Accessories-Southport, QLD
Welcome to the official Sunshine Automotive Australia Facebook Page. Join us and use this page to connect, interact and share you passion for all things Automotive, we encourage you to ask q..
292 Nerang Road, Southport, Qld, 4215.
292 Nerang Road, Southport, Qld, 4215.
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Welcome to the official Sunshine Automotive Australia Facebook Page. Join us and use this page to connect, interact and share you passion for all things Automotive, we encourage you to ask questions, share photos, stories and opinions. This page is for all owners, fans or supporters of Aston Martin, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Renault, Ssangyong & Kia who wish to be informed and up to date with all the latest news, releases and exclusive content regarding these brands in Australia and around the globe. Much like driving a vehicle, there are certain road rules that must be observed to ensure all can enjoy: To make this community welcoming to all of our fans, we ask that users not post content that is deceptive, defamatory, offensive, or in violation of any law or regulation, and we reserve the right to delete such posts. Additionally, we may delete and/or deal in an alternate forum with postings that are inappropriate, off topic or otherwise interfere with others' enjoyment or use of this page. This page serves as a platform for the exchange of thoughts and opinions on Mercedes Benz and we welcome your active participation. Before you engage with us however, please make sure that your posts and comments adhere to the following guidelines: Encourage freedom of expression and the exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner. Use language that would be considered G rated, as this is a family friendly page. Swearing, pornographic and offensive content is not acceptable. Respect each other: abusive, harassing and defamatory comments, insults and personal attacks should be actively avoided. Posts that promote violence, threats and illegal acts or contain pornography, obscene, hate or racist material are inappropriate. Trolling which includes posting inflammatory, extraneous or off topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on topic discussion will be deemed inappropriate. Posts that are considered Spam including overly repetitive messages, or repeatedly raises issues that have previously been addressed or non consensual advertisement are inappropriate. Only publish content relevant to the purpose of this page. Adhere to all Facebook's guidelines regarding Facebook use. Sunshine Automotive reserves the right to delete any contributions or comments that violate any of the above listed rules. For further information on Facebook's terms of use, please visit Thank you very much for your interest in Sunshine Automotive. Please note: Content posted by our fans on this page don't necessarily reflect the opinion(s) of Sunshine Automotive or the mentioned brands, nor do we confirm their accuracy.

Sunshine Volvo on the Gold Coast is the coast's number 1 Volvo dealer. We offer you a wide selection of new, used and demo cars. Our outstanding Sales team will help you find the Volvo car that suits you and your budget, that's why we are proud to be one of Australia's leading dealers.

Sunshine Volvo can provide flexible car financing options to get you into your new Volvo car faster. Ourfleet department can handle any enquiries, large or small, so contact the fleet department today.

Sunshine Volvo also has a factory backed service department that is staffed with factory trained technicians who will keep your Volvo car maintained to the manufacturer's specification and beyond. Ourparts department stock genuine parts and accessories and have knowledgeable staff to help you find the Volvo part that you need.

We are conveniently located at 179 Nerang Road, Southport and our Staff is ready to be at your service, so contact us today!

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