Samford Pines Child Care

Samford Pines Child Care
Samford Pines Child Care
Children's Service-SAMFORD, QLD
Children's Service-Samford, QLD
Samford Pines Child Care is located on a stunning 7.5 acres in the tranquil and picturesque Samford Valley approximately 35 minutes from the CBD. We are a genuinely family owned and operated..
29 Camp Mountain Rd, Samford, Qld, 4520.
29 Camp Mountain Rd, Samford, Qld, 4520.
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Samford Pines Child Care is located on a stunning 7.5 acres in the tranquil and picturesque Samford Valley approximately 35 minutes from the CBD. We are a genuinely family owned and operated long day-care centre, which caters for children from 6 weeks to 6 years. Located only two minutes from Samford Village and 10 minutes from Ferny Grove our purpose built and air conditioned centre nestles towards the rear of our acreage property. Screened from the road by a pine forest, which provides a natural "buffer" against both traffic fumes and noise our children and staff enjoy a unique and natural environment.

We believe that the primary focus of child care must be the individual child
Every child is an individual with individual needs, abilities, interests and backgrounds. The primary objective of a childcare centre is to meet the needs of the individual child and provide experiences that will foster their overall development – the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic and social self.

We believe that children learn by doing and that children learn through play
It is important to provide children with a wide range of educational experiences that are based on all areas of the individual child's development. These experiences should provide opportunities for active involvement with materials, resources and peers and allow children freedom of choice and decision making in both their learning and play. 

We believe that children need to feel safe and secure in the child care environment
Staff aim to develop a positive relationship with each child providing them with a safe and secure environment to develop to their fullest potential. Environments will be caring, predictable, positive and comfortable where children can explore, problem solve, create and work at their own pace. Curiosity will be promoted along with children's imaginations and their confidence giving them a sense of satisfaction and self esteem. 

We believe that parents are the most important people in a child's life
Communication between the carer and the family is essential in maintaining continuity for the child between home and the centre. Families will be made to feel welcome, comfortable and free to ask questions and they will be encouraged to participate and have input into the programs. 

We believe that the individual child should be respected in every possible way
The uniqueness of each individual will be acknowledged. We will respect and value their individual needs and abilities, their home, religious and cultural beliefs, all within a non-discriminatory environment.

We believe in the importance of community involvement within the centre
Children will be given opportunities to experience and explore life within the wider community through excursions and visits from cultural performers, local community services, families and friends. The centre will source additional resources from community organisations to support and extend the children's learning potentials. 

We believe in providing an environment where staff have the opportunity to fulfil their professional role
Staff will be encouraged to further develop their skills and knowledge through training and professional development while having their needs and rights recognised and supported. Opportunities are given for staff to share their already developed knowledge and ideas with each other. 

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