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Food, beverages & tobacco-ROCKLEA, QLD
Food, Beverages & Tobacco-Rocklea, QLD
Farm Fresh Organics is owned and run by two Brisbane locals who travelled the world for ten years to discover themselves and what's important in life. Shane and Cath Heaton now live just sou..
5/9 Shoebury St, Rocklea, Qld, 4106.
5/9 Shoebury St, Rocklea, Qld, 4106.
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Farm Fresh Organics is owned and run by two Brisbane locals who travelled the world for ten years to discover themselves and what's important in life. Shane and Cath Heaton now live just south of Brisbane on Tamborine Mountain, and love growing, eating and selling healthy food.
We're on a mission

Our mission is to make great quality organic food so easy, everyone will want to buy it. To make FARM FRESH ORGANICS South East Queensland's first choice in organic home delivery, to help people to better health, increase demand for organic produce through fair pricing and consumer education, reduce our impact on global warming, and encourage more farmers to adopt organic farming methods for the benefit of this and future generations of Australians.

Put simply, we're on a mission to save the world, and we're doing it one meal, one person, one family at a time, starting with you!

Our values

We grow, research, recommend, eat and sell organic food because we believe organic food and farming are better for your health and the environment. Like all businesses, profitability and return on investment are important goals, but at Farm Fresh Organics we know that none of it adds up to a hill of beans if we don't use and support sustainable, environmentally responsible methods that will leave the world better than we found it. In short, we're about selling healthy and delicious foods that will benefit the planet, ourselves, our community, and you, our valued customer.

We're committed to providing:

o Environmental responsibility at every step

o The freshest organic produce available

o Happy customers with convenient ordering & regular home deliveries

o Increased markets for organic farmers and food companies

o Consumer education and support

o Simply the best prices for organic food possible while ensuring a fair return for us and the growers
Who we are

Farm Fresh Organics is owned and run by two Brisbane locals who travelled the world for ten years to discover themselves and what's important in life. Shane and Cath Heaton now live just south of Brisbane on Tamborine Mountain, and love growing, eating and selling healthy food.

Shane's story

After getting his degree in business management and marketing, Shane fell accidentally into fast food management. His career took off, winning awards, working internationally and managing multiple restaurants, until he ended up as marketing manager for a burger chain in London. But something wasn't quite right. So he threw it all away and went back to school, studying nutrition at London's renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition. He topped the class, opened a clinic, helped lots of people improve their health in the hustle and bustle of London, and quietly began researching food quality and especially organic food quality.

But his work didn't stay quiet for long...the English organic industry got wind of it and asked him to do the most comprehensive and thorough literature review of all the scientific evidence comparing organic and non-organic food ever attempted. After two years of serious beavering in the British Library, he published "Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health' and transformed the global organic industry's approach to claims made for the health benefits of organic food. 'Of course more and better research is sorely needed' Shane says, 'but the evidence we have already is pretty clear - organic food is better for you.' Needless to say, people called from far and wide to get the scoop, and for a while there Shane didn't get much sleep. He's presented his research all over the UK, in Europe, the United States and Australia, and inspired many others to look at this important research area. He launched the monthly research newsletter of the European Organic Food Quality & Health Research Association and was a founding member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of the American Organic Center for Education & Promotion.

Books by Shane Heaton
Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health by Shane Heaton/Soil Association UK
Stay Younger Longer by Hazel Courtney & Shane Heaton
The Alzheimer's Prevention Plan by Patrick Holford & Shane Heaton
The New Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford (research & contributions by Shane Heaton)
Optimum Nutrition for the Mind by Patrick Holford (research & contributions by Shane Heaton)
Natural Energy Highs by Patrick Holford (research & contributions by Shane Heaton)

In 2002, after 10 years away, Shane returned to live in Australia and bring the message home. In addition to running Farm Fresh Organics, he's now the nutrition spokesperson for the Biological Farmers of Australia ( and a regular contributor to media and conferences here and abroad. Most recently, Shane presented on organic food quality to the public at the Organic Expo in Sydney, cancer patients at the Gawler Foundation conference in Melbourne, and GPs at the Australian Integrative Medicine Association conference on the Sunshine Coast.

Cath's story

If Shane's the brains of the operation, Cath's the wisdom department. Shane still didn't even know what organic food was when Cath was volunteering on organic farms around the world. As an industrial chemist Cath's worked for most of the world's leading brewers, but her passion has always been growing her own veggies. Oh she's done the organic gardening courses, and worked as an organic gardener in London for a few years, but she's learnt more about healthy produce from tilling her own patch of dirt so long her thumb's turned green. A great cook to boot, she knows good food better than anyone. Right now she's probably out in the garden with our beautiful organic kids picking some veggies. Shane reckons you'll never find a more hardworking and ethical person anywhere. 

Happy to be settled back here in sunny Queensland after all those rainy days gardening in London, Cath's a champion for the grass roots organic scene - one of those Aussie-battler quiet acheivers that show ponies like Shane rely on for everything they do and are.

Together Shane & Cath make a great team. They've lived full and fullfilling lives and bring a passion for living to everything they do. If you want healthy food from people you can trust, you've come to the right place.

Shane & Cath's latest venture is building a sustainable home at their half-acre property 'Blueberry Hill' on Tamborine Mountain. They have rainwater (no mains), a productive bore, a 4kW solar power system on the roof, solar hot water, 40 or so fruit trees, a large vegetable garden, 120 blueberry bushes, 25 chooks, on-site grey and blackwater systems, and are registered WWOOF hosts. If you're interested in sustainability or have any questions to help you on your own sustainability journey, email [email protected]

The rest of our team is varied and growing fast. We employ the long-term unemployed, students, return-to-work mums, and people as passionate about organic food as we are. We look after them, so they'll look after you when packing your box. Our extended family includes farmers, chefs, processors, wholesalers, certifiers, other retailers, couriers, web designers, accountants, manufacturers, eco-advisors, and of course our wonderful customers. 

It takes the efforts of more than a hundred people to get your goodies in your box, from our farmers planting their seeds, to the driver turning up at your door. We think you can taste the love in organic food, and believe us, there's a lot in there!

Tell us your organic story!

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