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Vision Psychology
Vision Psychology
Health Service & Doctors-ROCHEDALE SOUTH, QLD
Health Service & Doctors-Rochedale South, QLD
Our clinic has disability access and there is plenty of free parking in the local area. There are several ways to pay for treatment and we have EFTPOS available. Appointments may attract a ..
PO Box 633, Rochedale South, Qld, 4123.
PO Box 633, Rochedale South, Qld, 4123.
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Our clinic has disability access and there is plenty of free parking in the local area. There are several ways to pay for treatment and we have EFTPOS available. Appointments may attract a rebate from some private health insurance companies. Rebates may also be available if you have an appropriate Medicare referral from your GP. Medicare rebates apply if you qualify for having one of several mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression, and if your GP supports you with a referral for psychological services.
Training & Jobs
If you are keen to volunteer for Psychology Jobs at Vision Psychology or M1 Psychology, please read this information carefully.

Volunteering jobs are essential for employment in roles that require contact with the public. Lifeline crisis counselling is one of the most recognised volunteering programs; just like Lifeline we have created a unique and highly sought-after volunteer program.  Volunteers that are able to successfully complete our in-house training program are highly sought after by our company and other organisations for employment in roles such as clinic manager, community roles and psychology internships.

Our volunteering program is ideally entered when psychology students are in their second year of study so that students will have the necessary three years of placement experience when they finish their 4 year degree program. Psychology is one of the most competitive fields to enter, and only a small percentage of psychology students will end up as psychologists. The quality and variety of practical experience are the factors that make the most difference in whether you will offered an interview for a postgraduate degree program or a job interview.

Our volunteering placements and casual jobs are also highly competitive with only about 20% of our volunteer staff making it through to employment with us. Different from university we are seeking practical, on-the-job skills such as the emotional intelligence to manage a team of 60 very experienced psychologists and several thousand client enquiries for help a week.  The capacity to organise communication data in all its forms is essential as texts, emails, face-to-face or phone communications are all used by our clients. Tech skills are important as everything is managed through a complicated system of computer programs.

Our psychology service is often more available and responsive than public hospital mental health services, as we are open 7 days a week and 12 hours a day. Psychologists are skilled in providing crisis support whether it is within a government run facility like a hospital, or in a private centre like Vision or M1 Psychology. Often psychologists work within public hospitals and in our clinic after hours in a similar way to specialists who may work in both private and public health systems. Because we are back up private service to the public mental health system, we need very skilled staff answering our phones, helping at the front desk, and supporting our psychologists.

Psychology reception jobs are few and far between because a psychologist’s income is not like a doctor. Psychologist’s full time wages in Australia range from $50,000- 90,000 pa. There are no recognised psychology reception training courses in the world, because psychologists generally do their own reception and work without someone at their front desk.

Psychology degrees do not cover business administration, so many psychologists are not trained adequately in business management when they enter the workforce. Our service provides psychologists with that training on-the-job as they are fully supported by administration staff when they start at our clinic. Our paid staff are experts on Medicare, data management, customer service and working in a team. Because of the intellectual demands on our administration staff, the job is not suited to everyone. We believe it is a good idea to find out if you have the necessary practical skills – or even like the job – by having you join us as a volunteer. Sometimes psychologists enter postgraduate training before they realise the job is not for them; rarely do psychology students have collegial contact with practicing psychologists. In our clinic, there is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside some of Brisbane’s most experienced and skilled psychologists.

Confused about the Costs and Rebates you may be eligible for, when it comes to seeing a psychologist or counsellor?

Vision Psychology therapists are independent practitioners that provide a range of services such as counselling, family and couples therapy, mental health assessments, educational assessments and legal reports.

Counselling Services are the most common service provided. Usually counselling services vary in cost depending on the therapist chosen, type of counselling required, and length of treatment. We have Psychologists, Psychiatrists (tba), Counsellors, Social Workers and Midwifery/Nurse Counsellors.

The recommended APS rate for a psychologist is $228 (46-60 min consult).  Some types of referrals under Workcover, Medicare and ATAPS are substantially rebated.  The type of referral will depend on the service that refers you.  This will usually be your GP, psychiatrist, paediatric doctor or workplace. The AMA rate for seeing a psychiatrist for an initial appointment is $355 (45 min consult).
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