Pauls Personal Training

Pauls Personal Training
Pauls Personal Training
Professional Services-ROBINA TOWN CENTRE, QLD
Professional Services-Robina Town Centre, QLD
“My goal is to provide a fun, friendly, informative and private professional fitness training environment”.
PO Box 5044, Robina Town Centre, Qld, 4230.
PO Box 5044, Robina Town Centre, Qld, 4230.
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“My goal is to provide a fun, friendly, informative and private professional fitness training environment”.

FITNESS APPRAISAL SERVICES- As a Professional, I will administer a safe and effective fitness appraisal to help you understand your present level of physical fitness. This session will assess your body composition, strength , flexibility & more. 

 NUTRITIONAL WELLNESS CONSULTATIONS-We can work together to develop a goal-oriented, progressive plan during a consultation on weight management that will review dietary intake, physical exercise, and lifestyle habits.

PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICE- Experience the benefits of one-on-one instruction. As a Certified Personal Trainer I will develop a physical activity program to meet your individual needs and goals. The first session may take up to 1 hour or more, during which I assess your posture, range of motion, flexibility, and strength. A health history questionnaire and other assessments  are carried out and reviewed which will provide information so we can develop a program that will take you steps closer to your ideal lifestyle.

BACK PAIN- Back pain affects 80% of the population, at least some of the time. As a Fitness Professional, I can help you devise a safe and effective program/routine to help prevent back pain occurring. Learn exercises to develop your deep core back and abdominal muscles that will improve posture, balance, and reduce back pain.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation- With each different activity/sport comes a different challenge, and a different risk for injury. 

Sports specific training programs are designed to enhance any athletes strength balance, agility and power to prevent injury from overtraining, sports trauma, poor training technique, faulty biomechanics to name a few.

Some of my preventative interventions include:

  • periodisation programs
  • nutrition/supplementation programs
  • stretching programs

Injury Rehabilitation- It is almost a sure thing that an athlete will be injured to some degree during their career, it is the nature of sports. What is not a guarantee is the speed and success with which they recover and return to their chosen activity. PPT will help you to return to competition shape as quickly and safely as possible.Most my clients suffer from:

Shoulder Injuries & Shin Splints- Rehabilitation focuses on restoring function, and/or preventing disability following disease or injury. It incorporates exercise and modalities to improve range of motion, strength, posture and mobility, enabling the patient to perform the activities of daily living.

Other services include:

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