Park Ridge Landscape Supplies

Park Ridge Landscape Supplies
Park Ridge Landscape Supplies
Home & Garden-PARK RIDGE, QLD
Home & Garden-Park Ridge, QLD
We now do full PROPERTY MAINTENANCE so we can supply and spread mulch and stone as well as full yard maintenance. ie mowing/trimming/hedging.
3666 Mt Lindesay Hwy, Park Ridge, Qld, 4125.
3666 Mt Lindesay Hwy, Park Ridge, Qld, 4125.
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We now do full PROPERTY MAINTENANCE so we can supply and spread mulch and stone as well as full yard maintenance. ie mowing/trimming/hedging.
Organic Garden Soil


Rich aged mineral soil
Selectively graded and washed sands
Graded horticultural ash
45% specially formulated high nutrient organic compost

Ph 6.5 – 7.5
Physically stable soil
Retains nutrients due to active mineral components

Use this soil in most forms of home gardening
Flower beds and veggie gardens will require extra fertilizers
Topping up garden beds.
Meets Qld Government soil requirements
Conforms to Australian standards 4419
Physical Benefits

Provides deep root growth
Weed and nut grass free
Human waste free
Handy Hints

As all plants have different requirements, consult your nursery tom determine if this soil is suitable for your plants.
As with all gardens build to minimum depth of 300mm
Water before and after planting
Lightly fertilise with a complete fertilizer after planting. This will help the microbial activity in this organic soil
Planting vegetables? They are ferocious nitrogen eaters so fertilise weekly with a soluble fertiliser

Our Topdressing isn't topsoil, it's an old recipe containing poultry manure, river sand and soil. The poultry manure adds nitrogen and calcium stimulating root growth and lush green foliage. The sand allows you to level your lawn while providing drainage.

In 14 days with daily watering your lawn will be lush green and your neighbours will be green with envy.

Our topdressing is virtually weed free because our composting process kills weed seeds.
APPLICATION IS EASY simply rake it through your lawn until the tips or your grass show through. 1m3 treats about 80-100m2 (10m x 10m).

Our Topdressing contains chicken manure. If you don't water your lawn daily for the first couple of weeks it can burn your lawn.
Our topdressing acts like a fertiliser so if you've got weeds in your lawn it will make them grow faster too. Spray weeds before topdressing.


We stock a wide variety of organic mulches including Cypress Wood Chip, Pine Barks and Sugar Cane Mulch.

Our range of soils include: Garden & Organic Soil Blends, Couch & Kikuya Top Dressings, Screened Top Soil

River Pebbles
Available in the following grades: 20mm, and a 25-75mm mix

Sand & Gravel
We can supply all your sand and gravel needs from various grades of crusher dust, river sands to gravel and road base.

Our cement comes as bag cement, premix, rapid set as well as premix mortar, gap sand and joint filling sand.

Plastic & Weed Control
Our range includes 'Weedmat', 'Mulchmat', 'Silt Stop', as well as black plastic.

C.C.A. Sleepers
We stock hardwood and pine sleepers in lengths of 2.4 meters and 3.0 meters and cross-sections of 200x50 and 200x75

Pavers and Retaining Wall Block
Park Ridge Landscape Supplies stock 
Pavers and garden retaining Blocks. Call for a competitive price and be sure to keep an eye on our specials page.

Garden Edges & Surrounds
Concrete garden edges are available in a number of different shapes and sizes.
Concrete surrounds for shrubs can be supplied in circular and square shapes split or whole, as well as large & small rose surrounds.

Concrete Slabs
Air Conditioner, Gas Cylinder and Pump slabs:

square 400x400mm & 600x600mm
rectangular slabs 900x600mm, & 900x450mm.
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