Toya Kan Higashi Karate

Toya Kan Higashi Karate
Toya Kan Higashi Karate
Entertainment-OXENFORD, QLD
Entertainment-Oxenford, QLD
Peter Spanton (8th DAN) is one of Britain''s first generation of karate black belts, gaining his first DAN in 1966 under Tatsuo Suzuki (then a 6th DAN) in the all-Britain karate do associati..
Unit 1 / 152 Siganto Drive, Oxenford, Qld, 4210.
Unit 1 / 152 Siganto Drive, Oxenford, Qld, 4210.
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Peter Spanton (8th DAN) is one of Britain''s first generation of karate black belts, gaining his first DAN in 1966 under Tatsuo Suzuki (then a 6th DAN) in the all-Britain karate do association''s Honbu in Clapham, se London. Even as a novice, peter was always an effective karateka – as the resident Japanese instructors at that time will confirm. The abka''s secretary, Len palmer, confided that Mr. Suzuki grew so annoyed at peter''s fighting skills that he sent for the all-Japan champion, Hisaomi Fuji, to come to Britain and sort him out! Though peter got the worst of their encounter, he stood up well and gave a good account of himself. When the Japanese left the abka, the mantle of technical development fell on the heads of peter and his contemporaries. They were so effective that the re-named bka grew to become the largest and most successful organisation in membership of the British governing body. Peter represented his country at a number of early internationals and fought with great distinction, becoming England''s first international medal winner. later he became a world-respected kata and kumite judge for the then wuko and its continental member, the European karate union. Peter was once criticised by one of his countrymen for being ''a little too impartial''.Hironori Ohtsuka, was the founder of Wado Ryu karate and was born in 1892 in Shimodate, Ibaragi prefecture. Tokujiro Ohtsuka is shown above standing on the left with his brother, his mother ( seated) and two sisters either side. At the age of 5 in 1897, he started training in Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jujustu with Chojiro Ehashi, who was his mother''s uncle. Unlike other schools of jujustu, this line of study stressed atemi strikes (to the vital points) and kicking as well as incorporating the throws and ground work. Katsunosuke Ishijima was the original founder of Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jujustu. He later took his father''s name of Matsuoka who was the official doctor to the hosokawa clan, kumamoto prefecture. He was later succeeded by Motokichi Inose and then Tatsusaburo. Tokujiro Ohtsuka moved to Tokyo in 1910 to study at Waseda University majoring in Business Administration, whilst continuing his training at the dojo in Tokyo. In 1913 after the death of hid father he returned to Shimodate. Here he worked in a local bank and did not return to complete his final year of his degree. On his thirtieth birthday in 1921 he was awarded the menkyo kaiden and succeeded Master Nakayama and became the 4th Grandmaster of Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jujustu.

Paul Butterfield was born in 1967 in Leeds England. This was a rough part of inner city living and he was often the brunt of bullying throughout his childhood.

At the age of 15 he started to train in Shotokan Karate. After spending over a year training with a Shotokan club and reaching the dizzy heights of a blue belt, Paul joined the armed forces and moved to Berlin Germany.

After serving 3 years as a soldier, Paul specialised as a bodyguard to both the British ambassador and any dignitaries that visited Berlin at the time including the Royals and various pop stars. Paul was able to attach his minimal martial arts training to the more combative, one on one training required for his military role.

After leaving the army Paul spent many years trying different styles and clubs but was unable to find one he really liked. After a brief spell of kick boxing and winning a couple of under 60kg titles Paul found Wado Ryu.

The club was Staffs Higashi and Paul trained under the principle 8th DAN Peter Spanton. Ironically it was this time Paul's son Lewis also started training. The club at the time was run by sensei 5th DAN Trex Greatrex, who Paul admired for the dedication he gave to his club both on a training level and a social level.

Paul was assessed for his first grading and went straight to orange belt. Training up to 4 times a week Paul then graded every 3 months through the Lower belts up to brown. At 2nd kyu brown belt, Paul started to specialise in kumite, along with his son who was doing very well on the England competition circuit in both kumite and kata.

After Paul took his 1st kyu brown, he took over the clubs kumite team completely and began focusing on specialist training with England members and passing this on to his students. Paul received his black belt in June 2004 and started to get his own students to various British selections and training sessions.

In January 2005 Paul's sensei Trex Greatrex, retired leaving the club to be run by the existing 7 black belts. Only 3 months later Paul had 3 students selected for the national squad and started to pull in the trophies. Lewis his son was one of these competitors. For the next 6 months they along with the other members began entering competitions every weekend travelling all over England and then Europe.

Later that year Paul took 4 of his students to the England junior selections, whereupon 2 were selected for the full time Junior England squad.

At this point he had 4 national squad members and 2 international members. During the coming months they won 2 gold medals at world level, 3 medals at European level and 8 British titles.

He is very proud of his junior squad and finds great pleasure in watching the students grow in both their ability, self confidence and their athleticism.

Paul and his family arrived in Australia January 2007 with the intention of having a more relaxed life and being able to spend quality time with each other, plus the beautiful weather.

2008 was a big year for the Toya Kan Higashi club taking on many new students and gaining fantastic results in both state and local competitions. Paul took his 3rd Dan in early February 2009 and later that month Paul was promoted to Queensland State Kumite Coach for the AKF QLD.

In November 2009 Paul was requested to act as State Coach for AMAC specialising in Kumite. In 2011 He was promoted to HEAD COACH AUSTRALIA for AMAC and continues to do so, taking the new squad to New Zealand in 2011 and Japan 2012 and taking over 60 medals. Sensei Paul was promoted to 5th Dan in 2014 by the japan Karate Federation and awarded the title of Kancho.

Paul's aims and goals with Toya Kan Higashi is to produce a local club that is respected both nationally and internationally as they were in England and where families and students can aspire to their own athletic dreams and have fun doing so. His whole aim is to provide a family of students that enjoy both training and social activities.

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