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Noosa Confidential
Noosa Confidential
Health & Welfare Services-NOOSA HEADS, QLD
Health & Welfare Services-Noosa Heads, QLD
Noosa Confidential is a discrete one on one residential rehabilitation program that integrates both cutting edge functional medical components with proven evidence based natural therapies t..
Noosa Heads, Qld, 4567.
Noosa Heads, Qld, 4567.
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Noosa Confidential is a discrete one on one residential rehabilitation program that integrates both cutting edge functional medical components with proven evidence based natural therapies to identify and successfully treat the cause of your condition. We offer a fully case managed program hosted in the beautiful Noosa shire in Queensland Australia. Our team of dedicated recognised professionals work together as a team to deliver your program and ensure you are receiving the right treatments and therapies for you as we treat the person not just the symptom. We can assist you to feel better, then get better and most importantly stay better long term. We have catered to doctors, executives,high profile sporting athletes and the occasional celebrity but we are more concerned about your desire to get better than who you are and what you do.

Depression has a combination of known physical and psychological origins, it very rarely has one cause but is a combination. These range from mindset and unresolved trauma, through to  biochemical and metabolic imbalance including genetic and digestive disorders. With a natural and cutting edge functional science-based approach, we will help you to identify and address what’s causing your depression, in order to understand and resolve it once and for all.

Our solution is diagnostic and educational. It is about treating the body and the mind at the same time, enabling our guests to resolve their depression by first identifying and educating them on the underlying known physical causes as well as how to change their thinking and mindset, even when they cannot change an event in their past we can help them to process it. At the same time  we assess diet, toxicity, intolerances and relationship to food and movement, so that guests finish a program in a  physical condition they may have never seen before. They are fully detoxified, fitter, more flexible and glowing with health. More importantly, they are calmer, better at dealing with stress and measure their worth properly. When life does not go to plan, they learn from the event and do not take it personally, thus stopping the cycle of depression.

Noosa confidential provides wonderful private and secure accommodation and facilities, delicious food and a variety of exercise and relaxation components. This will delight the senses and help guests to feel better physically while they learn how to take control of generating how to feel the way they want, mentally and emotionally. There are even a few entertainment options guests might like to explore as Noosa is a beautiful place to be year round.

We have fully accredited, qualified and experienced staff that work together as a team as well as a network of national and international specialists we can call on when needed. So, if you’ve had depression for a year or a decade, Noosa Confidential is the place to come and resolve it once and for all. Most guests who have depression  attend for 21- 28 days . Please call our friendly staff to discuss how we can help you.

‘My stay at Noosa Confidential was more than I ever could have hoped for. Their holistic approach to regaining health has completely changed my life. The scientific aspects solved long-hidden health issues that mainstream medicine had missed. This, along with diet, yoga, naturopathy, exercise and psychotherapy got my depression completely under control in days, and their recommendations for ongoing care were easy to integrate into my life after the retreat was finished. It couldn’t have been more perfect for me if I had designed it myself. I haven’t felt this good in 10 years and I would highly recommend Noosa Confidential to anyone who needs a little help to live the best life they possibly can. The only thing I regretted about the experience was having to leave!’

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