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A lot of pet sitting businesses will only provide pet sitting to homes with the standard dog, cat and maybe a fish. We''re different because we love all creatures great and small and und..
Nerang, Qld, 4211.
Nerang, Qld, 4211.
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A lot of pet sitting businesses will only provide pet sitting to homes with the standard dog, cat and maybe a fish. We''re different because we love all creatures great and small and understand that you do too. So whether you''ve got a Horse, Cow, Goat, Pig, Chickens, Mexican Walking Fish or a Bearded Dragon, point us in the right direction, give us the supplies and we''ll make sure they''re loved and cared for!
Throughout my life I have been surrounded by animals. From growing up on dairy and beef farms, owning my first horse when I was 7 years old and never living without a pet in my home, my passion for animals has continued to grow. My partner (in work and life), Matt, and I own 2 little monsters: First, there's Ellie, our 15 year old Mini Fox Terrier, who came to me as a 14th birthday present. She may be getting on in years, but she hasn't seemed to realise that! The words "ball" and "stick" are forbidden in our house, lest she hears them and starts searching! If she had the choice she would happily play fetch all day and night, stopping only when her little legs wouldn't work any longer. Ralphie is our Border Collie cross puppy who is a handful on a good day. He has typical Border Collie cleverness, learning any new trick by the 3rd try. Keeping him happy and entertained is definitely going to be a challenge over the years!

In June 2013, we sadly lost Pippin, who was our 9 year old Persian cross. She kept me on my toes for the first few years of her life, with many a bite and a scratch to deal with. She was full of snobby cattitude (which I loved), but absolutely had to have snuggles when she wanted them. She always ran to greet me when I came home and she will forever be missed. Her death was the hardest thing I've ever endured, but it has helped understand what my client's humans go through when their babies take their trip over the rainbow bridge.

In 2012, I studied Animal Studies through Sydney's Taronga Zoo, gaining experience and valuable insight into the world of professional animal care. In my practical work experience at the Zoo, I had the pleasure of working with and learning from amazing people. I worked with a wide variety of animals, from Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, Rabbits, Reptiles and Spiders to African Lions, endangered Sumatran Tigers, Snow Leopards, Bears, Otters, Meerkats, Binturongs and one gorgeous Malayan Tapir. The experience and formal training I received through the Taronga Training Institute took my knowledge and professionalism to a whole new level. 

It has been my dream to start my own pet care business for years now, but I've been waiting for the right time. Paws, Claws & All is the culmination of that dream. I've learnt so much since we kicked off and I'm so excited to continue to meet new people and their pets and build relationships to last for years to come! If you want to have a chat with me, you can either use the contact us form on this site or visit me at my Google+ page.

All about Ellie
aka "Head of Security"

Pet Sitting Head of Security
I am naturally a protector. I've always yelled loudly at any people trying to come in the house when I don't know them, making them think twice about whether I'll permit them entry. So when Jade started the business, naturally she came to me to discuss security options.

When Jade and Matt are out visiting clients, I'm the one who holds the fort. I'm the one who has to sleep on the bed (preferably on everyone's pillows) just in case someone else tries to. I'm also responsible for supervising Ralphie, which is a full time job in itself. That kid can get into some trouble!

My role isn't only a full time role, it's a 24 hour, 7 days a week responsibility. I'm always here, always on guard to protect the Paws, Claws & All team. Except for when I'm eating. Or sleeping. Or chasing my toys. 
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