A Healthy Embrace

A Healthy Embrace
A Healthy Embrace
Health & Fitness-MUDGEERABA, QLD
Health & Fitness-Mudgeeraba, QLD
I have been extremely lucky to finally find a career that I love! I am truly passionate about my job & in assisting people in their health & fitness goals, whatever they may be! I believe I ..
Mudgeeraba, Qld, 4213.
Mudgeeraba, Qld, 4213.
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I have been extremely lucky to finally find a career that I love! I am truly passionate about my job & in assisting people in their health & fitness goals, whatever they may be! I believe I am an extremely motivational & truly inspirational Personal Trainer.

As a child & into my teenage years, I was always conscious about being a little overweight, even though I had generally been interested in sports & keeping fit. I used to dance & swim train 3 times a week, which I enjoyed very much. Unfortunately I lived in a small town in Scotland, with little opportunities to do anything with my fitness & being the academic that I was, I ceased all my activities at the age of approximately 14 years old to concentrate on my school studies.

In 2003, after my schooling, I moved to Australia with my family & completed a Bachelor of Science degree, with double majors at the end of 2006. Over my 3 year degree, I had been so studious that I had left no time for exercise or eating correctly. I suddenly realised that I needed to do something about my lifestyle & my weight problem once & for all – I had ballooned to 86kgs & was very unfit – it hit me one day at university when I was huffing & puffing walking up the steps into the library. I was so embarrassed! I knew I needed to do something about it....once and for all!

I joined a gym for the 1st time in January 2007 & I have never looked back! Initially I began training with the purpose of losing weight & admittedly hated exercising! However, after not too long, I was starting to actually enjoy it! I had a new found love for keeping fit – actually, I was addicted to it. I loved the group exercise classes, aerobics, running, cycling, weight training, you name it! I hired myself a personal trainer & over the course of approximately one year I lost an amazing 28kgs & had participated in the Mothers Day Classic 5km run, along with the Gold Coast Marathon 10km Challenge! I decided there & then that I would have to turn my attention from my qualifications obtained in my degree to the fitness industry & decided I wanted to become a personal trainer. As much of a cliché as it sounds, I really wanted to motivate & inspire others in the same way as I had been. I wanted to let others know how good it feels to be fit & healthy! I had ended up with a massive passion for fitness, exercising, & eating healthy.

Unfortunately my plans were put on hold when I had an accident in December 2008 – to cut a very long story short, I was hit by a car & ended up requiring knee surgery to repair a torn ligament. My rehabilitation was particularly slow, difficult & frustrating (physically & mentally). I was unable to work out at the gym for approximately 9 months & had gross muscle wastage on my quadriceps & calf muscles, which I am still working on building up at present. I also gained 17kgs from being inactive during this time. My knee still gives me trouble & at the end of 2011, I found out I also injured my back in the accident, which has since also required surgery. 

Although I do train, my injuries have prevented me from doing the same activities I had been doing prior to my accident. Due to my physical limitations, I am unable to train to the same intensity as I used to (but my goals are to be able to someday). To take the positives out of my accident – I know that this is what I want to be doing & I strongly believe that you have to make the most out of life & what you have been given – focus on what you can do, not what you can't!

My own personal goals include losing 6-8 kilograms (to get back to my pre accident weight again) & building up my own fitness & strength to my pre accident level. After being involved in the fitness industry for more than four & a half years now, along with my individual story of my weight loss, fitness & injury experiences, I believe I am an excellent personal trainer. I have a passion for training people who are struggling with their weight or who have had injuries that are holding them back (I guess based on my own personal experiences). However, I also enjoy training anyone of any age, background & fitness level – I'm always up for a challenge & I hope that my passion comes out in my sessions!

I have obtained my certificate III & IV in Fitness, Padmasters boxing certificate & aqua aerobics instructor.  I am also a group exercise instructor, trained and qualified in Les Mills RPM & CXWORX programmes. I am currently completing my Diploma of Fitness & my long term goal is to widen my knowledge into nutrition & dietetics. However, for the moment, any form of personal training is what I desire to do!

I now have my own personal training business & I absolutely love my job!! I should have done this a very long time ago!

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