MovingWell Therapy Centre

MovingWell Therapy Centre
MovingWell Therapy Centre
Health & Fitness-MOUNT GRAVATT, QLD
Health & Fitness-Mount Gravatt, QLD
Our unique Remedial Massage sessions use theories and techniques from deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, positional release techniques, and myofascial rele..
Unit 3, 5 Selbourne St, Mount Gravatt, Qld, 4122.
Unit 3, 5 Selbourne St, Mount Gravatt, Qld, 4122.
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Our unique Remedial Massage sessions use theories and techniques from deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, positional release techniques, and myofascial release therapy. During a Remedial Massage at MovingWell, your therapist uses their hands, arms & elbows to work the muscles, joints and connective tissues of your body. It's not only effective, it's deeply relaxing and feels fantastic! Using traditional oil based massage techniques, muscle stretching, gentle joint mobilising, sustained pressure, heat and slow gliding strokes, your therapist will bring balance to your body reducing muscle knots and increasing joint mobility to maintain your health and vitality.
Myofascial Release is a therapy that focuses specifically on changing tension in the connective tissues (the “Fascia”) with comfortable, slow, pressure from the therapists' hands.
Your Myofascial Release session produces a deeply relaxed, calm, state in your body with far greater freedom of movement, more comfort in sitting and standing, postural correction, a feeling of lightness, and much more restful sleep. It's a great help for people suffering asthma, scoliosis, jaw stiffness, headaches, posture related problems, chronic scarring, and everyday aches and pains.
Feel revitalised, relaxed and find a new sense of freedom of movement with a Myofascial Release session (from 30 min to 2 hours)

Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage
Imagine... feeling completely relaxed after receiving a fantastic therapeutic massage, and no longer living with the muscular tension that restricts free and easy movement. 
Therapeutic Massage increases healthy blood and lymphatic flow to reduce toxins and promote more efficient cellular activity. It relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and eliminates muscular tension so you can enjoy life at your peak!
Although non-remedial massage therapists may have received a different style of training that is frequently not recognised by private health funds, we have chosen to offer Therapeutic massage to help with stress levels & increasing immune defence.

Rolfing® (Structural Integration)
Want to change your postural patterns and improve your movement, break old pain patterns and reduce restrictions?
Rolfing® can make dramatic changes in a persons structure (and posture).
By working through a ten session series, the muscular and fascial systems are systematically reorganized enhancing your function in movement, posture, spatial awareness, and overall balance. The practitioner uses slow deep touch and the client's own movement to stretch and separate the restricted fascial system. Fascia (connective tissue) is the stuff that holds us all together - the body's support system. People of all ages who have been “Rolfed” have felt permanent, enjoyable improvements in their life with better posture, balance, and energy levels.
Be prepared for a change in your life! Rolfer Su Tindall is happy to explain the benefits to you.
Initial Session Length 1 ½ hours, subsequent treatments 60 - 75 minutes

Cranial Sacral Balancing
A gentle therapy that nurtures your health and wellness by bringing balance to the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. By gently holding and following the subtle movement of the ‘cranial rhythm' felt through the bones in your cranium and sacrum (end of the spine), you will feel calm and deeply relaxed in a short time.

Used for correcting alignment, imbalances, or blockages that can cause headaches, sinus pain, and jaw pain. It's also great after accidents, high stress and anxiety, or used when there has been some injury to the head, neck, jaw, or spine.

Cranial Sacral Balancing gets amazing results and is gentle enough to perform on newborn babies. (from birth to 100+ only). Sessions vary usually from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours

This therapy is based on the principle that congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrors congestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body. These parts, known as reflex points can also be found on the hands and other body parts, however, the most commonly treated area is the feet.   Reflexology has many beneficial and lasting effects. Some treatments are gentle in nature, aiming to restore systems for better function while others are more specific, addressing the client's particular conditions. It is a healing process that can be safely used when it is not convenient to treat other body parts. As a non-intrusive technique, it heals indirectly. Reflexology can be a relaxing therapy that works on many levels, soothing, calming, balancing and boosting the entire body.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
The Lymphatic system is a network of fine vessels in your body that collect and transfer waste fluids and material slowly back to the blood stream via the heart. From there the blood is filtered by the kidneys to remove the wastes. Sometimes the lymphatic system becomes slower than normal, or may be interrupted by surgery or injury giving you many different symptoms from feeling lethargic, repeated sickness, to gross fluid retention seen in the condition called lymph oedema. Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle type of massage to help the flow of the lymph fluid and reduce retention of toxins. The most benefit is felt a day or two later when the toxins have been removed.

ChiBallâ„¢ Method

The ChiBallâ„¢ Method is a wonderful Mind-Body exercise, grounded in the ancient Chinese philosphies of YinYang. Using a combination of principles from the teachings and practices of traditional Yoga, TaiChi Qigong, Pilates, Feldenkrais, meditation and dance, ChiBall can be used to help increase physical strength, flexibility & co-ordination, as well as reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and balance the holistic being. To find out more, please visit For details of classes at this location, please see
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