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MACS Engineering
MACS Engineering
Engineering services-MACKAY, QLD
Engineering Services-Mackay, QLD
Established in 1965, Macs Engineering is a proud wholly Australian owned company specialising in innovative engineered solutions.
1c Victoria street, Mackay, Qld, 4740.
1c Victoria street, Mackay, Qld, 4740.
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Established in 1965, Macs Engineering is a proud wholly Australian owned company specialising in innovative engineered solutions.
MACS range of products and services in light vehicles is comprehensive. Quality and safety through innovative design, qualified workmanship and technical support is our key focus.
The following is a list of our key products, services, and capabilities;
MACBUILT Bodies and Trays
Standard Drop Side Tray
Steel Floor, Timber Floor, List Options / Checklist
Mine Bodies
Standard Mine Spec Body, Explosives, Maintenance, Surveyor, Electrical, Fitter, Field Support, Underground
Specialised Bodies
Dog Catcher, Glazier, Tradesman, (One Off Projects), Contractor, Tippers, Tailgate Loaders, Vehicle Mounted Cranes
MACS Designed ROPS(Roll Over Protection Systems)
The proven MACS ROPS are part of an integrated vehicle Roll Over Protection System, and have been fitted to over 6,000 vehicles nationally in the last 10 years.
MACS ROPS design and certification process ensures the highest standard and level of performance.
MACS ROPS are audited and certified by an Independent Mechanical Engineer.
MACS ROPS have been independently tested by Monash University's Maintenance Technology Institute.
MACS ROPS are approved for use by Queensland Transport, South Australian Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure and Western Australian Department of Planning and Infrastructure
Internal ROPS
Internal / External ROPS
External ROPS
Bolt On ROPS
In Vehicle Monitoring Systems
Collision Avoidance Systems
ROPS with Sub frame to suit Alloy Trays
Custom Built (MACbuilt) Canopies 
Fiberglass Canopies
Auto Electrical
Full Range of Auto Electrical Parts and Accessories and dedicated workshop facilities
Aftermarket Suspension 
GVM Upgrades 
Spring Resetting
Airbag Suspension
Alloy Trays and Bolt On Steel Trays
Full range of Bocar and Flexiglass alloy trays 
to suit most vehicles
4X4 Drive Accessories and Safety Equipment Showroom
Full range of 4X4 drive accessories and safety equipment.
Mine Vehicle Accessories
Full range of mine vehicle accessories and safety equipment from wheel chocks, canvas seat covers and high visibility split flags to multi channel programmable UHF and VHF radios and vehicle and equipment monitoring systems
Off Road Accessories
Buses and Vans
School Buses 
Commuter Buses
Commercial Vans
Vehicle Compliancing
Queensland Transport Approved Vehicle Modifier 
Commuter Buses 
Commercial Vans
Toolboxes and Water Tanks
Custom Built Steel Toolboxes 
Custom Built Aluminium 
Underbody Trundle Drawers 
Poly Water Tanks 
Stainless Steel Water Tanks
Specialised Hardware 
Door Locks, Handles and Latches 
Handles Other 
Latches, Catches and Fasteners 
Hinges Bolts, Hasps, Rings 
The MACS Engineering partnering approach and focus on innovation and continuous improvement means that we have been able to provide proven products and services, which result in:
Decreased vehicle running costs
Increased load carrying capacity
Increased resistance to corrosion
Increased lifespan of body
Increased durability and reliability
Decreased vehicle downtime
Decreased requirements for spares
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