Nitestar Security Services

Nitestar Security Services
Nitestar Security Services
Security Services-KENMORE, QLD
Security Services-Kenmore, QLD
Thank you for your interest in the Nitestar Security Group. I warmly invite you to explore the rest of our website which will provide you with an overview of whom we are, what are our work v..
Unit 6, 28 Greg Chappell Dr, Kenmore, Qld, 4069.
Unit 6, 28 Greg Chappell Dr, Kenmore, Qld, 4069.
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Thank you for your interest in the Nitestar Security Group. I warmly invite you to explore the rest of our website which will provide you with an overview of whom we are, what are our work values and commitments, what services we provide, how we deliver on promises, you will be able to contact us, send a request for a business proposal, review our employee ethics or apply for a position with us.
The Nitestar Security Group has traded since 1995 and was acquired by Bob Dean in 2004. Since then, he has grown the business both organically and through acquisition. The business is now six times larger than it was in 2004; it has an experienced management team based in its offices in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast and provides employment for around 150 personnel.
Bob Dean is a qualified accountant and has an M.B.A. Prior to acquiring Nitestar; Bob was employed with an offshore bank where he was responsible for venture capital investments, mergers and acquisitions. Bob's background also includes senior management consulting roles with the big 4 management consultancies.
In a world fraught with risks to individuals and business alike, the Nitestar Security Group provides the kind of assistance that helps clients take control of their businesses focusing on their core activities. Nitestar Security Group are a premier security and risk management service provider offering cost effective, individually tailored security and risk management solutions.
With considerable combined Security and Risk Management experience, the Bob Dean heads a unique team with a blend of expertise drawn from military, law enforcement, tertiary, business and private sector backgrounds.
The Nitestar Security Group is not restricted to specific regions, locations or typical standard security tasks. Our core focus is SEQLD however we have strategic alliances throughout most states to cover various security needs. We can provide a flexible workforce to cover a variety of manpower services in addition to security tasks.
Nitestar Security Group's mission is to:
img_starProvide a high quality service that exceeds the client's expectations with the goal of being highly valued and in demand;
img_starHave open communication and consultation with all concerned;
img_starHave innovation and leadership;
img_starBe responsive and accountable;
img_starBe ethical and honest;
img_starBe cost effective and
img_starWork in partnership with our clients and personnel.
The Nitestar Security Group are committed to providing the appropriate level of resourcing to ensure that the our clients continue to be managed
effectively, that information and the associated processes critical for the project's success are readily available, all personnel are aware
of their specific roles and responsibilities and that they are in line with the required associated competencies. The Nitestar Security Group
will ensure compliance with all statutory requirements and performance standards set out in our contracts. The hallmark of these professional
and quality security services can be identified through the adherence to the specifications, initiatives and innovations developed by the
Nitestar Security Group.
Many of our competitors define their business by the product or service they offer. Conversely, the Nitestar Security Group is not defined in terms of the service we offer, but in terms of what client need our service fulfills. As a local solely owned business, Nitestar Security Group's strong presence in the South East Queensland and Northern NSW security market ensures that we are uniquely placed to deliver on your security requirements. We focus on the contractual, operational, legal compliances but also other finer details that can be overlooked by the larger national organisations. Larger organisations often submit hundreds of quotes per year and some clients can be overlooked as they become one of the numbers therefore solely relying on the goodwill and work ethics on those “on the ground” providing the services. These finer details managed by the Nitestar Security Group can make a huge difference to security personnel and their performance.
These details include but not limited to:
img_star_belowDay to day operational needs of our employees;
img_star_belowEnsuring rosters and wages are correct which affect staff morale and effectiveness;
img_star_belowEnsuring all resources and equipment supplied are suitable and effective; and
img_star_belowProviding continual and regular support face to face with all employees.
On the other hand, many other small security companies do not have the back up support or financial backing that the Nitestar Security
Group have. This is evidenced by many of the smaller companies being absorbed by other larger companies, many of them having operational
/ procedural issues affecting them through many forms of industrial relations disputes / Unions concerns or they become financially unviable
to continue services. The Nitestar Security Group are a solely owned business with a turnover almost $10million annually with very limited
financial debt.
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