Kenmore Centre For Health

Kenmore Centre For Health
Kenmore Centre For Health
Acupuncture-KENMORE, QLD
Acupuncture-Kenmore, QLD
1st Floor Kenmore Shopping Vlge Brookfield Rd, Kenmore, Qld, 4069.
1st Floor Kenmore Shopping Vlge Brookfield Rd, Ken..
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The Kenmore Centre for Health was founded in 1987 by Stephen Janz with the goal of helping people to manage their health through the partnership of effective treatment and ongoing education.

We are an evidence based practice clinic. We combine the best available evidence with the skills, knowledge and experience of the practitioner while also respecting the clients preference for treatment.

This style of holistic care recognises that as individuals people can respond to different types of treatment, so a range of practitioners are available to meet your needs. We aim to provide for your health care in one convenient location, however where other services are needed we will do our best to help you find your solution. Our clinical and administrative team also includes two Registered Nurses resourcing the centre with a foundation in the conventional medical model.

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