Grotec Horticultural Services

Grotec Horticultural Services
Grotec Horticultural Services
Housing-, QLD
Housing-, QLD
Our Landscaping Gold Coast & landscape design team thrives on a creative challenge. We've designed residential and commercial landscaping projects across Australia and overseas for the past ..
240 Marine Parade, Qld,
240 Marine Parade, Qld,
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Our Landscaping Gold Coast & landscape design team thrives on a creative challenge. We've designed residential and commercial landscaping projects across Australia and overseas for the past 26 years. Our focus though is working right here on the beautiful Gold Coast helping people just like you figure out what to do with the landscaping of your property. Residential home-owners we can assist you with ideas that blend your outdoor areas harmoniously in with your indoors and create beautiful, low maintenance gardens and outdoor living spaces that achieve maximum enjoyment & value from your property. For our commercial clients such as Builders, Architects and Developers, our qualified and experienced team can prepare B.A. & O.P.W. landscape design plans for projects of any size for submission to local councils across Australia. Grotec's Landscaping Gold Coast teams have been responsible for the development of beautiful residential and commercial landscaping projects since 1988. When you engage our creative & skilled landscapers for assistance on your landscaping Gold Coast project, you'll be working with carefully selected teams of the most experienced, qualified and licensed trades-people. We can assist you with retaining walls, paving, concreting, new decks and pergolas, water features and of course that beautiful healthy garden you've always wanted. This is one of our unique services and it's a bit of a secret but we'll share it with you right now! There is no point in going to all the trouble and expense of landscaping or renovating a garden if the soil conditions aren't just right right? Your plants need a good foundation from which to grow! Makes good sense doesn't it? When we start work on your landscaping Gold Coast project,our experienced horticulturalists take the time to ensure your soil is alive and full of microbes to achieve optimum growth for new plants. We'll show you how to maintain your new garden and achieve healthy long term results. Maintaining your garden takes more than water and love, you might need insurance to protect it as well. Compare rates and coverage at Home Insurance Australia. A beautiful landscape & garden adds value to your home

Grotec's skilled and experienced team of Gold Coast Landscaping Services and Landscape Design professionals have been designing and building beautiful gardens throughout South East Queensland since 1988.

Grotec's landscape design and landscaping teams are led by director Sue Bampton, a creative and experienced landscape designer and Gold Coast landscaping specialist for over 26 years. Sue is a knowledgeable horticulturist & soil specialist and the owner of How to Garden, Australia website. Sue and the entire team at Grotec are passionate about what they do and focused on developing innovative, environmentally sensitive and sustainable hard and soft landscaping solutions that are unique, creative, low maintenance and feasible.

No Gold Coast Landscaping project is ever the same,..

Gold Coast LandscapingSelecting the right Gold Coast landscaping team to look after your project can be frustrating, confusing and time consuming! Often you'll need more than one contractor if you have a variety of specialized elements to introduce into your landscaping project.

You'll find many garden maintenance contractors have a limited knowledge of plant varieties and soil management, general landscapers are usually not experienced in landscape design or licensed to build timber structures and retaining wall builders are rarely experienced in paving and concreting. So, if you have a landscape project that involves a number of trades, YOU will need to organize and co-ordinate the tradespeople and ensure the job is being built correctly.

You will also need to ensure each trades person has adequate experience in the industry, their quality of workmanship, qualifications and if their pricing is good value for money.

How can you tell who's a good Gold Coast Landscaping contractor and who's not?

Gold Coast Landscaping ServicesAn important consideration in Grotecs growth and development plans was understanding that to provide our clients with the very best finished product (i.e. outdoor living spaces and beautifully landscaped gardens), it was absolutely vital that we form strategic alliances with creative, skilled, experienced and professional Gold Coast landscaping specialists.

With over 27 years experience in the landscaping industry on the Gold Coast, we knew what suppliers we wanted our customers to have access to and what specialty skills, services and trades we wanted to bring on board and we've done just that. 

We've brought together a highly qualified landscape design and landscaping services and supply team and can assist you with every aspect of your landscaping project all from under the one roof. 

Our Gold Coast landscaping teams have all the skills to bring your project to life.

We are confident you'll be delighted with our combined professionalism and quality of workmanship every step of the way.

Call or email us today to find out more about our Gold Coast Landscaping Services!

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