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Fit Minds and Bodies
Health & Fitness-GRANGE, QLD
Health & Fitness-Grange, QLD
Mind & Body Power helps individuals, couples and families to DEVELOP THEIR WEAPON AND FORMULA FOR SUCCESS combining psychology, nutrition, activity and relationships/support. STOP USING THE ..
PO Box 164, Grange, Qld, 4051.
PO Box 164, Grange, Qld, 4051.
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Mind & Body Power helps individuals, couples and families to DEVELOP THEIR WEAPON AND FORMULA FOR SUCCESS combining psychology, nutrition, activity and relationships/support. STOP USING THE FAILURE FORMULA that keeps you exhausted and feeling powerless, hopeless and feeling like a failure. Once you better understand why you can't control your weight/health you will begin to succeed! Weight issues are close to my heart as I have struggled with childhood obesity, anorexia, bulimia and yo-yo dieting. As a psychologist, hypnotherapist and fitness coach, I have developed a program that looks at all aspects of health, self and relationships.
Personalised Programs
Private Consultations:

Fit Minds & Bodies' provides private consultations designed to help improve emotional, psychological, physical and relational health. The areas of expertise include:

food addiction management – using the Food Addiction Therapy Plan
disordered eating – emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating, night-time eating, dieting and more
body dissatisfaction
weight management
trauma and stress
grief and loss
relationships and communication
depression and anxiety.
The focus of Fit Minds & Bodies: Food Addiction and Obesity Clinic is to help people build the life they want and to become the person they want to be. A process of education, skill development, healing and achievement helps people to empower themselves to become capable and strong.


The support of your partner is a really important process especially if you both want the best for each other. Couples are encouraged to part take in all, if not then part of the consultation process together to ensure that all information, skills and changes are understood and engaged in for a positive outcome.

For those wishing to conceive or for those who are having difficulties with fertility then it is more so encouraged that attendance and engagement in the process, as a couple occurs. Giving your child the best start in life starts with you! I encourage all couples to be as healthy (physically and psychologically) as they can be before conception. More and more research is pointing to sperm and ovum quality and how this contributes to in utero health of the foetus, the infant and child.

Good pre-conception health will then enable the pregnant woman to be as healthy as she possibly can be and this will improve outcomes for:

labour and delivery
infant health
body and hormonal bounce-back post-pregnancy
emotional and psychological health post-pregnancy.
For Families – Children and Teens:

Most parents want the best for their children and want them to be healthy and happy and out live their parents. Unfortunately, the lives of our current generation of overweight and obese children and teens is being cut short due to their weight, weight related diseases and addictions.

If you have an overweight or obese child or teen, it is important that, as a family, you manage this as best you can. The whole family needs to be a part of the process, not just the child and maybe parents. Acknowledging and accepting your child's health issues takes strength but true courage lies in finding the right medical and allied health team to support the entire family in the health change process and then implementing change.

Consistency is the key.


Rebates are dependent on the eligibility of the client and/or their cover under the relevant claim pathway. You can find out if you are eligible for rebates by contacting your GP, Specialist, Medicare and Private Health Fund Provider.

The FAT Key Membership Site
The FAT Key Membership Site is for anyone who wants an online community of people who are going through the same things as they are with food and weight (binge eater, emotional eater, night-time eater, food addict, yo-yo dieter or obese). Also, you are provided with resources by Kellee Waters, to help you break free of all food and weight issues. The information supports Kellee's first book, Food Addiction Therapy: The Simple Eating Plan and the book series, The FAT Key.

To see what The FAT Key offers go and take a tour.

Here's what The FAT Key members have to say:

The quality of content: 9/10

Value of the webinars: 10/10

The most valuable aspect:

“Support from people that understand. Suggestions of recipes and moral support”

“The webinar on beliefs because a lot of it relates to the negative personal beliefs that I have”

“The online support from Kellee & other clients and the step by step guide for thinking & addressing our issues”

“I love the private Facebook page I AM NOT ALONE! Being able to talk to Kellee is awesome. I love the videos, Kellee makes sense and doesn't talk above you, which I like.”

Why should everyone join The FAT Key?

“Everyone should go for it. I've told loads of people about it!”

“That it's going to be a long journey, but a valuable one in terms of self-discovery & breaking addictions by healing yourself from within, initially. Would definitely recommend it”

“The best part is that the lady who runs it has walked in our shoes, and this is the most powerful tool to educate with, she knows her stuff! It's a life change and it makes more sense than anything I've ever done or seen.”


The Hijacked Brain: Blocking Food and Weight Success
Medical & Allied Health Professionals Workshops
A 3 hour Medical and Allied Health Professional Workshop that focuses on a new approach for patients with Food Addiction, Disordered Eating Issues and Weight Issues.

Eat less and move more is a simplistic and out-dated treatment plan and advise. Most people with obesity and disordered eating patterns have complex issues that are hijacking their ability to implement a program and see any progress. NOW is the time to understand your patients better, develop a treatment plan with them, and move them closer to success. You need all the pieces of the puzzle to do this including brain, brain chemistry, food, psychology, addiction management and body.

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Breaking Free Workshops
Video Testimonial Sandy

Video Testimonial Janette

No more dieting, withdrawing, deprivation and bingeing ..understand the foods, brain chemistry and psychology that has kept you trapped in the cycles for years and how to break them forever with some simple steps. Whether you are an Emotional Eater, Binge Eater, Night-time Eater, Food Addict, or Yo-yo Dieter, the same steps work and within 3 hours you will have the tools to start breaking free!

Kellee understands the issue intimately having over 34 years of food and weight issues including Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Yo-yo Dieting, and Food Adiction. Kellee is a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Personal Trainer who specialises in Obesity, Food Addiction, Night-Time Eating, Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, and Yo-yo Dieting.

Kellee is regularly called on by the media (print, online, radio) as an expert in the above fields and is the resident psychologist for That's Life! Body Blast. Kellee is also the clinic psychologist for the Mater Children's Hospital Tertiary Obesity Clinic.

The workshops also include a food tasting of non-addictive, replacement foods that Kellee recommends to all her clients. They are easy to make, great for addiction and DELICIOUS!

The workshop is normally $295 but Kellee is offering the event at a discounted rate 

“many thanks for the introduction to breaking free. After many years of suffering food and nicotine addiction, I have found todays seminar will give me more power and information to break my battle with addiction. You have a lovely demeanor and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing a little pieced of your journey” – Matilda

“This workshop is very hopeful. Great that you've provided the biochemistry information as well as the emotional. A good overview that really makes sense especially to help understand the nature of addiction. I loved that you gave healthy alternative options to foods that excite the body and head to cravings.” Amanda

“I can never say enough good words about Kellee as she has helped me in ways that are almost unfathomable. Yesterday's Fat key Seminar was no different.

So often we just want that quick fix, we want to believe what the media says is healthy and their solutions, that we loose track of reality and become confused – I was, and perhaps at times still am, confused.  What do I eat? What is really healthy?

Most of my life has been in a diet.  Since the age of 12 I was continually told I was fat, and while I may never have been obese, the damage was done.  Having tried everything to loose weight and keep it off, and I mean everything – Tony Ferguson, Paleo, Dukan, Carb-cycling, hight fat, low fat, no fat, and at my worst the HCG Diet I decided it was time to change.

The seminar was the start to change, the beginning of clearing up the confusion and the inspiration I needed.  I believe in Kellee and the knowledge and understanding she has to offer me.  I now know how to address my binging and my yo-yoing, and I think, with the help of the Fat Key Book, that finally I am on the right track to true health and happiness, to a life of balance. ” Cheryl

Previous Workshops
Saturday 3 August 2013 – Brisbane

Saturday 25 May 2013 – Brisbane
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