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Oss Development Network
Oss Development Network
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Software Design, Development and Support
Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Golden Beach, Qld, 4551.
Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Golden Beach, Qld, 4551..
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Software Design, Development and Support


At OSS Development Network, we see sunrise four times a day; USA, UAE, Bangladesh and Australia- through our four offices' windows. Since the beginning, we've been focusing on simplifying the complexity of life and workplace by turning our extreme innovative ideas to high quality business solutions and services. We do software development, but our philosophy leads us doing something more than that - we inspire a greener world and help sustain a better work-life balance! With a group of the world's most innovative developers and subject matter experts focused exclusively on solving complex problems, we know what exactly to do, and how we could do it like a maestro. We believe being great at something is just to start with. We set ourselves goals we know we can't reach yet, because we know that by stretching to meet them we can get further than we expected. We are changing the world everyday through our extreme innovations enabling excellence.


With a view to connecting and simplifying the world's information for building an empowered society, we exist nd operate our business.Since we believe our each progress results in social empowerment and equity of opportunity, we are pledged to enhance standards of living through a sustainable information ecosystem at work and at life. 
Our success relies on how comfortably we accomplish and how easily our consumers get the experience, say, like sipping a cup of tea!


Mobile App. Development

The ever increasing work pressure, shortening leisure, and zeroing physical places to hangout parented the flourish of mobile apps. An individual needs mobile apps for communication, personal interest, or fun. An organization needs mobile apps to perform better, stay competitive, and profit more. We address all these needs while developing our products. Doing this, most of the times we are proactive in action, but for any customized solution we are always prepared to listen to our clients' needs.

Desktop App. Development

While developing a system of applications, or an application bundle, or an ERP- the significance of desktop applications turn out to be more prominent than ever. Not only included in a parent system but also we develop desktop applications separately.

Web App. Development

The web has now become a new home for the dwellers, a new market for the organizations, and a new space for the surfers. We develop web apps for all these dwellers, organizations, and surfers. Our interactive and integrated web apps give our clients a cloud of freedom, save time, and increase efficiency.


Knowledge is the ultimate resource in current global market scenario. In reality it is scattered and not found collectively. A faced problem may have multiple touch points needing help from multiple experts. Scarcity of any of these expertise or experts may lead to severe operational or financial loss. After working on this issue for a long, we finally arranged our own knowledge hub. Both physically and remotely equipped with our group of experts from various fields including software engineering, MIS, and marketing we are furnished to share our knowledge in order to meet any issues from our clients.


Re-engineering seeks to improve quality, cut expenditure, and increase revenue of an organization. To do so, we do proper prior research, i.e.: identify processes, find loopholes if any, and pilot recommendations, and finally recommend the optimum set of solutions. Our re-engineering service helps our clients increase competitive advantages, improve business process, and avoid future ambiguities.

Telecom Services

Our clientele includes a number of telecom organizations as of this date, and the number is gradually increasing. Our service range and product list cover all the departments, namely- engineering, OSS, intelligent network, and internal application of any telecom vendor or operator. It has been evident that, our client telecom organizations gained better performance, optimum results, and improved efficiency, working with us over time.

Mobile Value Added Services

The final consumer demand in the telecom sector is increasing rapidly and so is the intensity of supply of the services. The market has now come to such an end where without creative minds and innovative brains no one can survive. Well, these two are namely our competitive edges, and we are always prepared to hear from our clients about “something more.” Hence, we engaged ourselves in mobile value added services, e.g.: stock report alert and job alert, and are making our clients ever so satisfied.

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