Cleaning Services-GARBUTT, QLD
Cleaning Services-Garbutt, QLD
The process of Washing and Testing of Air Filter Elements (essentially recycling) is not new and is a tried and proven method of reducing operating costs that is both beneficial to the consu..
12 Langton St, Garbutt, Qld, 4814.
12 Langton St, Garbutt, Qld, 4814.
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The process of Washing and Testing of Air Filter Elements (essentially recycling) is not new and is a tried and proven method of reducing operating costs that is both beneficial to the consumer and the environment. Some filter manufactures, apart from recommending the washing and re-use of air filter elements, even issue instructions on how to do it. While this practice may be recommended as a do-it-yourself thing, great care should be taken when handling filters with wet media as inexperience can easily cause damage. Of most importance is the fact that the average do-it-yourself person, or company, has no means of properly pressure testing a filter to detect any faults which, if present when the filter is installed back into an engine, may lead to that engine being damaged or completely dusted.
Air filters washed and tested by Filta-Wash are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of thirty days from the last date of washing inscribed or marked on the element and when installed properly and changed in accordance with the engine or equipment manufacturers service specifications. If found to be defective during the warranty period Filta-Wash will replace free of charge the said faulty air filter.

Additionally in the event of an engine failure directly attributed to an air filter washed and tested by Filta-Wash they will restore the engine to a condition equivalent to that existing prior to failure. Filta-Wash is not liable for any other losses or expenses incurred as a result of the defect. To obtain engine or equipment repairs under warranty the customer must, within thirty days after discovery of damage, submit a claim to the Filta-Wash Branch at which the filter was serviced and allow their Technical Services Department to examine the engine or equipment and suspect filter to determine the extent of damage and its cause.

New equipment and engine warranties remain in effect when using air filters washed and tested by Filta-Wash.

FILTA-WASH has been in the business of washing and testing air filter elements since 1983 and since that time has recycled many thousands of elements and has saved industry many hundreds of thousands of dollars

Each filter that is washed and tested is covered by a WARRANTY that states that should any damage occur to your engine as a result of using a washed and tested filter that is found to be defective, the engine will be rebuilt at our expense to its former condition.

The process is environmentally friendly in several ways. The filters themselves use large amounts of cellulose fibre obtained from trees, safe detergent products are used in the washing process and a large proportion of the water used in the washing process in recycled over and over again.

The cost of having a filter washed and tested as a rule of thumb is about 1/3 of the cost of a new filter, each filter may be washed up to a maximum of 6 times with no ill effect and pressure testing is carried out EACH AND EVERY TIME.

As an example, say a new filter had a price of $100.00 and the cost to wash it was $33.00. Your expenditure on 7 new filters would be $700.00. Compare this to buying 1 new filter for $100.00 and having it washed 6 times at $33.00 each, your total expenditure would now be $298.00 or a saving of $402.00, that's a massive 57% saving.

The filters are immersed and soaked in a special detergent solution for a period of time to loosen the contaminants in the media, this also includes CARBON particles from exhaust fumes common in underground mining situations.

After soaking the filters are then placed in a specially designed machine that sprays water both inside and outside the filter at a regulated volume and pressure whilst revolving the filter.

90-95% of the contaminants are removed by the machine washing and the final 5-10% is then removed by hand washing, again using a controlled volume and pressure water supply.

The elements are then placed in an industrial spinner which removes most of the free water.

After being spun the filters are then placed inside temperature controlled drying rooms where all moisture is removed from them.

Most importantly, each filter is PRESSURE TESTED TWICE during the watching process to ensure that the finished product is free from any defects that may cause damage to your engine.

The filters are finally inspected and packaged ready for dispatch to the customer.
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