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Mayne Maps
Mayne Maps
Business Consultants-FIG TREE POCKET, QLD
Business Consultants-Fig Tree Pocket, QLD
Mayne Maps has operated successfully for over 12 years and is producing maps for all over Australia as well as overseas.
349 Fig Tree Pocket Rd,, Fig Tree Pocket, Qld, 4069.
349 Fig Tree Pocket Rd,, Fig Tree Pocket, Qld, 406..
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Mayne Maps has operated successfully for over 12 years and is producing maps for all over Australia as well as overseas.
We invite you to inspect his sample maps on this website.  Just search our “Map Samples” and select the area of your interest.
Alan became heavily involved in computers while a High School teacher over 20 years ago.
When he moved to Stanthorpe 12 years ago, he started drawing Property Maps for some of the local growers.
Soon the demand for his maps allowed him to retire from teaching and he started Mayne Maps as his full time career.
Alan now produces maps of all kinds of properties all over Australia.
Why use Mayne Maps
Look at my map samples. Incredible detail and clarity.
Vector graphics, not bitmaps, resulting in no pixilation or loss of readability.
From the ONE computer file that I supply, you can have many different maps showing different features by turning on combinations of different layers. This uses FREE software on your computer.
You can convert your map into a 3-D view and print this in 3-D on your own printer.
You can manipulate this 3-D view yourself, looking from any direction, from any height and at any angle, all for free.
You can create elevation profiles or cross sections of any part of your property using my maps for free. Great for water pipes and fencing. (This can even be for lines that are not straight).
I only produce computer files. Printing is your choice or who to use. (I can arrange).
The annual cost of software for me is very small. I use a home office with no paid staff. All these savings are passed on to all my clients.
When you ring, you will always speak to me – no waiting, no messages, no misunderstandings, no other staff to stuff things up.
Due to my low costs, I can afford to charge far less than any other professional producing this product.
I guarantee my work. If you are not completely happy with the way the map is progressing, then I will not charge.
I use many sources of free data and aerial images to produce maps. This may include old maps that the client already has or up-to-date aerial images. My images and sources do not have to be geo-referenced. I do that later when needed.
All these savings and features are passed on to my clients.
Many cartographers use a limited supply of sources. I have no limits and I can normally access high detail up-to-date aerials at no cost.
I am a cartographer, not a surveyor. My accuracy is not to a surveyor standard but my charges are a fraction of theirs. Also my maps are full colour, have many more features and can show much more detail.
Your property map can be displayed on compatible GPS units and Android Phones as a moving map for free.
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