Forest Lake Lodge

Forest Lake Lodge
Forest Lake Lodge
Health & Fitness-ELLEN GROVE, QLD
Health & Fitness-Ellen Grove, QLD
Dr Sid Lau purchased Sylvan Lodge Nursing Home (Toowong) in 1989 as an ongoing concern. His decision to purchase Sylvan Lodge was inspired by his experiences as a General Practitioner pro..
12 Tewantin Way, Ellen Grove, Qld, 4078.
12 Tewantin Way, Ellen Grove, Qld, 4078.
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Dr Sid Lau purchased Sylvan Lodge Nursing Home (Toowong) in 1989 as an ongoing concern. His decision to purchase Sylvan Lodge was inspired by his experiences as a General Practitioner providing medical care to residents at nursing homes. There were obvious areas for improvement. In 1978 together with the staff at Mentone Nursing Home (Melbourne) a non-restraint policy for wandering dementia residents was successfully implemented.
Forest Lake Lodge is a family owned nursing home with modest beginnings. Dr Sid Lau, proprietor and owner has been a General Practitioner for over 40 years. He and his family have a vision to provide a safe and comfortable home for people who are unable to care for themselves. Central to the family’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality care, whilst maintaining dignity and individuality of every Resident.
We believe that a major contribution to the health and happiness of any person is their environment. As such, the facility has been designed to provide a safe, functional and practical living space with a comfortable, spacious and luxurious feel for Residents and their families. Many of our rooms and community areas offer plenty of natural light and pleasant outlooks. Every Resident in the facility has access to safe and well-maintained outdoor space and greenery. The facility has been designed to optimise communication between staff and Residents.
The First stage of Forest Lake Lodge was opened in the year 2000 and it was an exciting day when Residents from Sylvan Lodge Toowong were transferred to their new home. Stage 1 was based on a village concept with the central lounge acting like a village centre. Nursing station, hair-dressing salon, kitchen servery all encircle the outer edge of the central lounge akin to a market place with shop fronts. This concept is unique to Forest Lake Lodge. There are Residential courts which branch from the central lounge. Each residential court has an internal garden courtyard, which allows filtered sunlight and fresh air into Resident rooms and common areas. This design allows Residents to maximise participation in the community even when their mobility is much reduced.
In 2009 Stage 2 of Forest Lake Lodge opened its doors. This section was created to provide additional capacity and a specific dementia care section. The new building has been specifically designed to provide additional community living space including a library, a movie room and wide balcony space overlooking one of the courtyards. We are now able to offer a limited number of rooms for couples and partners without an Australian Aged Care Assessment.
We are proud of the environment that our facility provides for our Residents and the level of care delivered by our staff. If you are looking for long term accommodation or respite accommodation for you or your loved one I invite you to contact us to arrange a time to visit us. The Director of Nursing is available seven days a week for site visits, no appointment necessary and may be contacted directly on mobile 0411 423 979.
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