Electrical Sensations

Electrical Sensations
Electrical Sensations
Electrical Power-EAST TOOWOOMBA, QLD
Electrical Power-East Toowoomba, QLD
At Electrical Sensations, we offer energy efficiency assessment services to help streamline your business' energy consumption and to protect against future energy ‘price spikes'. Indepen..
33 Balfour St, East Toowoomba, Qld, 4350.
33 Balfour St, East Toowoomba, Qld, 4350.
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At Electrical Sensations, we offer energy efficiency assessment services to help streamline your business' energy consumption and to protect against future energy ‘price spikes'. Independent studies have shown that improvements in “energy efficiency alone can save 30% of carbon emissions worldwide”. Energy efficiency is therefore the single most effective way to combat climate change and the key to reducing your organisation's energy consumption. This leads to reduced costs, reduced risk and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Panels must represent the best possible value for money - "Best Bang for Buck!"
Manufacturer must have an efficient and effective process for handling warranty claims
Panels must be on the Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved panel list and have passed the recent fire test requirements
Manufacturer must have a competently staffed office in Australia
Panels must be suitable for the Toowoomba & Darling Downs climate
Inverters - The inverter is the BRAIN of the solar power system!  Installing a cheap inferior inverter compromises the performance and reliability of the entire system.
For traditional DC solar power systems, we choose to install German SMA Sunny Boy, Austrian Fronius or Italian ABB (formerly Power One) Aurora inverters.   These inverters perform extremely well and their reliability is beyond repute. We choose these inverters for the following reasons:

SMA, Fronius and ABB (formerly Power One) all have a long history in the inverter manufacturing industry.
All of these manufacturers have local offices in Australia that are staffed by competent technicians who can capably handle any warranty claims or support issues.
New technology AC micro-inverter systems are more suitable than traditional DC inverters for some homes.   AC micro-inverter systems provide the following advantages:
They offer user friendly remote monitoring capabilities which shows the performance and output of each individual panel as well as the entire system
If shading is an issue, ONLY the shaded panel is affected, not the entire array
Most flexible layout of panels - there is no minimum number of panels that need to be installed on each facing roof

Click here to read an article about the use of poor quality components in Solar Systems

2. DekTites to prevent leaks
No-one wants a leaking roof!  The use of genuine DekTites for both tin and tile roofs are the accepted industry best-practice to minimise the chance of water ingress and roof leaks.  This is particularly important for tile roofs.  

Electrical Sensations is a team of professionals with extensive industry experience. With more than 750 solar power systems installed in Toowoomba, Westbrook, Highfields, Cabarlah, Southbrook, Wyreema, Cambooya, Withcott, Pittsworth, Warwick and the greater Darling Downs, our team have the experience and expertise to design and install a system to best suit YOUR needs. 

We pride ourselves on not having pushy salespeople who tell you what you want to hear, just to get the sale.  Your system will be designed & installed by suitably qualified and Clean Energy Council accredited personnel and you will NEVER be forced into a decision.  We do not play the "Sign up today to receive a never-to-be-repeated super deal" games....

4.  Systems are designed to best suit YOU and YOUR electricity usage

A physical inspection by a qualified electrician/designer is the only way to be sure you end up with a system that is suitable for connection to the grid.  And, your system will be designed and sized to serve you best.  Bigger is not always better.
One of our designers will carry out a physical site inspection of your home:
That includes measuring the roof.  Google surveys just aren't accurate enough!
That includes checking the switchboard is up to Ergon/Energex standards - a licensed electrician is qualified to advise you on what is required by the electricity supplier.  
That includes checking the size of the mains to ensure they are big enough to handle the solar power system - again a licensed electrician can advise you whether your mains are adequate.  Google surveys can't check the size of the mains.

5.  IRON CLAD Guarantee
Click here to read the Electrical Sensations Iron Clad Guarantee

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