Oil Solutions C.Q.

Oil Solutions C.Q.
Oil Solutions C.Q.
Cleaning Services-EAST MACKAY, QLD
Cleaning Services-East Mackay, QLD
We provide comprehensive analysis on all compartments, including engine and hydraulic oil testing, gearboxes, differentials, turbines as well as compressors, grease and coolant. Testing para..
14 Iluka Ct, East Mackay, Qld, 4740.
14 Iluka Ct, East Mackay, Qld, 4740.
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We provide comprehensive analysis on all compartments, including engine and hydraulic oil testing, gearboxes, differentials, turbines as well as compressors, grease and coolant. Testing parameters vary slightly from hydraulic oil testing to the engine oil test or gearbox samples but microscopic reporting is standard on all samples. This is particularly useful with the engine oil test as it shows the size and quantity of soot particles present.
We saw a need for a high quality, state of the art, oil based condition monitoring service, capable of supplying accurate and reliable results to monitor wear trends and oil condition with minimum turn around time.

We achieved this goal after extensive research by selecting the highest quality state of the art equipment available with today’s technology and employing the systems to produce the most cost effective and reliable results. Our unique particle counting method is designed to suit all situations, from the cleanest aircraft systems to the dirtiest gearboxes, using one standard scale.

From our humble beginnings, we have become a leader in the field of condition monitoring by setting the standard, providing quality lubrication management and machine failure forecasting. We have recently added vibration analysis, thermography and NDT to complement and complete our condition monitoring services.

Unlike most of our competitors, our focus is not solely on failure forecast, rather we start with identifying the contamination and what is causing wear problems within a machine and then investigate and recommend various ways of reducing this contamination. The end result is a cleaner working environment resulting in less wear and extended oil life.

Our laboratory experiences demonstrate that past practices which have us changing oil, based on time or distance intervals, result in discarding a perfectly good product which is simply loaded with contamination. It is this practice which led to the development of our Lubemaster centrifugal vacuum dehydration equipment.


Consequently cost savings are huge, in some cases a 3 month write off, not to mention the enormous flow-on environmental effect.

If industry today were to adopt ‘worlds best practices’, utilising up-to-date lubrication technology, U.S. analysts estimate the savings would be in excess of US$150 billion annually on machine componentry alone, yet we still continue to adopt our old outdated practices handed down through generations, instead of keeping pace with modern technological advancement.

At Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd., our goal is to keep you updated, by providing you with the highest level of technical service to monitor your oil and machine life, and to reduce costly down-time by reducing wear levels in the most cost effective method possible Your oil analysis investment with us will be more than self funded by the savings in lubrication alone.

To achieve these goals, we adopt a round table approach and become part of your maintenance team. Our lab technicians need to know your equipment first hand. Each report is perused, with personal contact made, should we see any room for improvement or any pending possible failure. Our technicians will get to know every piece of machinery they test, so they are best equipped to offer quality advice on test results.

As testimony to our quality of work, we are engaged in a rigorous correlation program conducted by the RAAF to ensure that our results maintain the highest possible standard, as demanded by the high performance defence aircraft industry.

Clean Oil Services Bob & Robyn Smith
This web site is dedicated to our many customers who’s loyal support has enabled us to develop our business from its infancy. We support and encourage closer communication between laboratory and maintenance operators, and we hope that some of the many questions asked will be answered in this presentation, assisting you to gain the maximum benefit from your investment in your oil analysis program.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their loyal support and to reaffirm our commitment to keep you at the forefront of today’s technology.
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