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First Aid Kits Queensland
First Aid Kits Queensland
Health Service & Doctors-EAGLE FARM, QLD
Health Service & Doctors-Eagle Farm, QLD
All the components to meet the appropriate risk assessed workplace First Aid Kit. All of our First Aid Kits are available in a contents only purchase. If you would a refit or refill of..
U3/4, 789 Kingsford Smith Drv, Eagle Farm, Qld, 4009.
U3/4, 789 Kingsford Smith Drv, Eagle Farm, Qld, 40..
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All the components to meet the appropriate risk assessed workplace First Aid Kit. All of our First Aid Kits are available in a contents only purchase. If you would a refit or refill of your current first aid kit, then either please ring us on 1300 361 222 to arrange it over the phone. This will give you just the contents of each First Aid Kit and no container or bag. This is a great way of refilling or restocking your current first aid kits whether paying for the casing.
The other three components could be seen as extra / additional modules of a First Aid kit.  They are:

1. Outdoors,
2. Remote, and
3. any risk of Burn Injuries. 

Outdoors is fairly self explanatory. If you conduct work outside of the office environment then you will need to cover yourself for potential stings, abrasions, minor cuts and open wounds.  Hence Safe Work Australia recommend you include a heavy crepe bandage and some form of sting relief.

Defining remote is more of a trickier situation.  There is nothing written in black and white regarding the definition of what is considered a remote work environment.  We here at First Aid Kits Australia believe that if you are outside of 60 minutes of permanent (and manned) medical facilities then you are at a higher risk of not receiving the required treatment in time to minimise your injuries and maximising your recovery.  Therefore we define remote area as anything outside of 60 minutes from permanent and staffed medical assistance.  Within this 60 minutes you must considered whether anything will hold you up or delay your run i.e. overflowing creeks, dirt roads, traffic congestion or public transport. 

The following lists come directly from the Safe Work Australia - First Aid in the workplace code of practice (2013) and outline the absolute minimum requirements considered essential in a First Aid Kit.

1. For "most workplaces" a First Aid kit should include:

(1) Instructions for Providing First Aid 
(1) Note book and Pen
(1) Resuscitation face mask 
(5) Pair of Disposable nitrile examination gloves
(5) 3 Pack of Gauze pieces 7.5cm x 7.5cm, sterile
(10) Saline 15ml 
(10) Wound cleaning wipes - AERO Wipes
(50) Adhesive fabric dressing strips 
(10) Splinter Probes (single use, disposable)
(1) Tweezers
(1) Antiseptic Spray (50ml)
(6) Non-adherent wound dressing - 5cm x 5cm (small)
(3) Non-adherent wound dressing - 7.5cm x 10cm (medium)
(1) Non-adherent wound dressing - 10cm x 10cm (large)
(3) Conforming cotton bandage - 5cm width
(3) Conforming cotton bandage - 7.5cm width
(1) Crepe bandage - 10cm (for serious bleeding and pressure application)
(1) Scissors
(1) Non-stretch, hypoallergenic adhesive tape - 2.5cm wide roll
(12) Safety Pins
(1) BPC Wound dressing - No.14 (Medium)
(1) BPC Wound dressing - No.15 (Large)
(1) Dressing - Combine Pad 10cm x 20cm
(3) Plastic bags - clip seal
(2) Triangular Bandage (calico) 110cm x 110cm
(1) Emergency rescue blanket (for shock or hypothermia)
(4) Eye Pad (single use)

2. If your work is considered "outdoors" then the following items should be included:

(1) heavy duty crepe bandage 
(5) sting relief gel - 1g sachets

3. If your work is considered "remote" then you should have the following in your First Aid kit:

(5) Hydro-gel sachets 3.5g - if you don't have clean running water within 20 minutes
(1) Instant ice pack (for treatment of soft tissue injuries and some stings)
(1) Heavy duty crepe bandage - 10cm (for snake bites)
(1) large clean sheeting (for covering burns)
(1) Whistle (for attracting attention)
(1) Torch LED Flashlight

4. And finally, if you have any risk of "burn injuries" then you should have the following items:

(2) Burn treatment instructions
(8) Hydro-gel sachets - 3.5g
(2) Hydro-gel dressings 
(3) clean polythene sheets (small, medium & large) 
(1) Cotton conforming bandage - 7.5cm 

We have every type of standard or custom made kit to cover any workplace situation.  Keeping in theme, we hold the largest range in Australia or First Aid Kits to meet any WHS or personal situation.

The National framework for First Aid Kits in the workplace has been set by Safe Work Australia.  In 2012 (and then updated in 2013) they grouped all of the state's individual legislations together and formulated their Safe Work Australia Code of Conduct - First Aid in the workplace.  This now gives the workers rights to take court action against their employer if they feel that any breach of the legislation has occurs.  

We are keeping abreast of the latest changes and trends in the WHS space.  Our Safe Work Matters website has many useful and handy links that will keep you up to date.

We have also developed the following pages to help you determine your risk levels and appropriate First Aid kit requirements.

First Aid Kit Requirements, and
Workplace Risk Categories
If you would like to discover more about the ever changing Workplace Health and Safety arena in Australia, please call Toll Free 1300 361 222 for our experienced advice.  If we cannot help on the spot we will get back to you ASAP.

Useful links include:

Safe Work Australia.  Code of Conduct - First Aid in the Workplace - 2012
Queensland Workplace Health & Safety ACT - current as of 16 May 2014
Queensland Government - Risk Management

We design and make from low risk to the highest of levels including all first responder requirements, giving total cover for your every need, on land, sea, air, home or away, workplace, farm, remote area, sports club or team, school or church groups you can trust us to always assist you with the correct product to fully cover your needs, whatever the risk may be.

An Australian owned and operated family business, designing and making what we consider is the largest and best range of first aid kits, first aid supplies, medical supplies, TENS machines and fire safety equipment.

We are fully TGA approved and licensed to manufacturer and distribute First Aid Kits Classes I, II and IIa. (136187 & 228954) 

We are also TGA licensed to import and TENS / EMS Machines (216120 & 170921). We are in fact the exclusive Australian distributer for MediHightec and their products in to Australia. 

Our professional team has many years of experience in health care, medical, and fire safety. Our company is a proud training partner of Australian Premier Learning (RTO No.3586) offering a complete range of nationally accredited first aid training courses throughout our national network, teaching CPR to advanced OHS levels, please ask for a training specials quotation.

David Hobson, founder of First Aid Kits Queensland saw the devastation of Cyclone Tracy in Darwin 1974, witnessing first hand the lack of first aid facilities and trained people on hand. This was one of the many reasons David started a first aid company in 1996 with his wife Ann. 

Today under under new ownership, Matthew Nunn and Chris Clarke intend to bring to the First Aid community a passion for a quality product and training.  Together with our First Aid manager, Rachel Williams, we are proud to be a part of what is a growing and essential industry.
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