Excavation Services-DUNDOWRAN, QLD
Excavation Services-Dundowran, QLD
Qcivil is a medium sized construction company based in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Versatility and reliability are our strengths. Since 1999 our core business has been civil construction, sp..
138 Lower Mountain Dundowran Industrial Estate, Dundowran, Qld, 4655.
138 Lower Mountain Dundowran Industrial Estate, Du..
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Qcivil is a medium sized construction company based in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Versatility and reliability are our strengths. Since 1999 our core business has been civil construction, specialising in: project feasibility and construction management urban development government works Check out the services page for a more detailed list of what we can do. We continue to have diversity in our ventures from small scale jobs to large projects.

A brief company history ...

In 1999 Kevin Baumann and Peter Dwine sensed a turn around in the economy.
They believed favourable conditions for growth would emerge in the Fraser Coast area. 
An ideal time to venture into the civil construction industry.

Initially, Qcivil started with small civil contract jobs. Their clients included Hervey Bay City Council, Wide Bay Water, RoadTek, building companies as well as subcontracting to large civil construction companies.
The company made do with a small amount of plant, about five staff and a small group of key subcontractors. They worked long hours and travelled great distances to get the job done and keep the client happy.

The middle of the decade (2003-2006) saw rapid expansion of both the Wide Bay area and Qcivil. The building industry was booming, land prices almost doubled overnight and interstate people were flocking to Queensland at an unprecedented rate.
During this time the Qcivil workforce grew to about 20 staff. They set up their depot in Lower Mountain Road, and purchased a lot of plant and machinery to keep pace with demand.

Today Qcivil continues to service the needs of Wide Bay Water, Local Councils, RoadTek, Qbuild, as well as doing subdivisional work in the development industry.

Kevin Baumann

Kevin BaumannAfter graduating from Hervey Bay High Kevin worked in the construction industry before beginning a Cadetship with the Hervey Bay City Council in the Engineering Department.
Rapid growth and limited resources required Kevin to become proficient in many disciplines of council, including surveying, draughting and civil design for councils infrastructure. Sewage, Stormwater drainage, roads, water capture and supply, waste disposal were all areas that needed planning and developing as Hervey Bay grew very quickly.
The learning curve was steep but rewarding because he was eventually invited to join a local engineering firm. Over the next 15 years he gained a lot of experience in civil design as well as project and staff supervision. During this time he was establishing close links with Developers, Town Planners, Local and State Authorities and building a reputation for competence, honesty and reliability which has stood the firm in good stead since branching into the construction arena.
In 1999 Kevin decided to start a new venture ...

Peter Dwine

Peter DwinePeter's 30 year journey through the construction industry has been a winding road with many forks. Beginning in the Mines Department where he developed penmanship skills. He then had a few years with a survey company based on The Sunshine Coast and was lured to Hervey Bay as their Office Manager. Peter then moved to the Hervey Bay City Council where rapid expansion was happening and he could get a wide variety of experience very quickly. He started in the Town Planning Department but his drafting skills where noticed by someone in the Engineering Department. He was seconded to do drafting and was soon doing civil design. A few years later he moved to a local engineering consultancy firm and got busy on urban development design and construction.

When Kevin decided to start Qcivil he invited Peter to join him in the new venture. Having worked with Kevin on and off over the past 14 years Peter had no doubt that Kevin had all the qualities to develop a successful business, so the partnership was formed...

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