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Locker Group Pty Ltd
Flooring-DARRA, QLD
Flooring-Darra, QLD
Flooring may not be the most glamorous part of industrial operations, but Locker Group is committed to creating supports that bolster workplace safety. Although it usually isn't in the sp..
601 Boundary Rd, Darra, Qld, 4076.
601 Boundary Rd, Darra, Qld, 4076.
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Flooring may not be the most glamorous part of industrial operations, but Locker Group is committed to creating supports that bolster workplace safety. Although it usually isn't in the spotlight, industrial flooring can drastically improve worker safety when designed appropriately.
At Locker Group, our design teams have developed products that cater to myriad sectors, from mining and gas to food processing and water treatment. We've created a Product Comparison Grid to assist you with selecting the perfect fit for your operation.

You'll find that the diversity of our solutions is both based on the type of industry you're participating in and pertinent to the conditions of your workplace.

Grating and planking

A basic but effective option for many customers is our Gridforge Grating line, which is perfect for walkways, platforms and stairways, amongst other applications. Renditions consist of cross bar pitches, serrated tread, sheets or stair treads. Choose from different thicknesses for greater strength as well.

Related to the former product is Gripspan Planking, which is specifically engineered to enhance workplace safety. This solution consists of long planks and features anti-slip material over the surface. Gripspan Planking's functionality leaves nothing to be desired, as its load-carrying capacity eliminates the need for immediate support systems.

If you're working in an environment that requires 360-degree movement, a variation of Gripspan, the Shur-Grip planking system, is ideal.

The Gridwalk range

The Gridwalk range is designed to accommodate quarries, mines, plants and theatres. This product is perfect for settings where durability and affordability are priorities. Offered in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, Gridwalk​'s diamond pattern provides reliable underfoot grip and strength.

Gripwalk, a modified version of the Gridwalk range, has a raised protrusion on each knuckle to further reduce the chances of slip-and-fall accidents occurring.

Prioritising safety and resiliency

In regards to Safe-T-Perf, the name says it all. A perforated metal flooring product with anti-slip properties that can be used to create a 360-degree skid-resistant surface, Safe-T-Perf is made with drainage holes to prevent water and other liquids from accumulating.

The teams here at Locker Group have recognised the need to provide low-maintenance solutions, which has prompted them to increase Safe-T-Perf's ability to resist corrosion.

AluTread is another product that is difficult to tarnish. The system's light weight makes for easy installation. We've found this product to be particularly useful in aggressive environments.

What if you work in an area where chemical spills, flumes, submersion and splashes are prevalent? Some substances can compromise the integrity of a walkway, putting your employees at risk.

This concern prompted us to create FRP Grating, an industrial flooring product engineered specifically for hazardous environments. Not only is this solution corrosion-proof, it's non-conductive, thereby decreasing the risks associated with working near electricity.

The Locker Group difference

The stability and resiliency of your walkways shouldn't be ignored. You can address these issues by working with a company that's focussed on developing quality flooring solutions.

In addition to delivering products we're confident  in, the professionals here at Locker Group will listen to your needs and determine which systems will accommodate them. Analysing site requirements and conditions is a key part of this process.
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