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MLA Holdings Pty Ltd
MLA Holdings Pty Ltd
Automotive-DARRA, QLD
Automotive-Darra, QLD
MLA is the proud supplier of the Mitsubishi brand and is also the exclusive Australian Distributor for the SANY Range of Heavy Forklifts and Container Handlers.
247 Monier Rd, Darra, Qld, 4076.
247 Monier Rd, Darra, Qld, 4076.
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MLA is the proud supplier of the Mitsubishi brand and is also the exclusive Australian Distributor for the SANY Range of Heavy Forklifts and Container Handlers.
MLA Holdings Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Tercia & Co Ltd) is one of Australia's largest forklift companies, offering total material handling solutions to clients in all industries. We supply a comprehensive range of gas, diesel, petrol and electric battery forklifts for short or long-term rental or purchase nationwide.

MLA is the proud supplier of the Mitsubishi brand and is also the exclusive Australian Distributor for the SANY Range of Heavy Forklifts and Container Handlers.

As a guaranteed comprehensive forklift service provider, we offer:

Forklift Hire - rent Mitsubishi lift trucks and SANY container handlers from one tonne up to 16 tonne. Both as short term forklift hire or as long term forklift rental

Forklift Sales - purchase new or used forklifts and have them delivered to your premises. Our extensive Australia wide service network provides the peace of mind that we can provide service onsite where ever you are around Australia

Forklift Parts - We have one of the largest range of stocked genuine forklift spare parts in Australia. Our dispatch system is geared towards ensuring parts are delivered as promised.

Forklift Service - with our fleet of forklift service vans receive a fast response to breakdowns and get back to business with our 24/7 emergency service.


MLA have over 30 yrs experience with short term forklift hire and longterm forklift rental. We have refined services that extend across Sydney, ACT, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart, look no further than MLA. Our range of Mitsubishi forklifts include petrol forklifts, both LPG and CNG forklifts, as well as diesel-forklifts ranging from one tonne up to 16-tonne.

The SANY range includes a complete selection of full and empty container lift trucks and reach stackers with capacities to 45 tonne.


We offer one of the best forklift spare parts support systems in Australia, supplying in excess of 93% off the shelf genuine parts for our comprehensive range of equipment. To maximise the life of your equipment and ensure quality service, we supply legitimate parts from our inventory of over 11,000 items.

Our trained technicians will use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure accuracy, helping you save time and money. At MLA, we place emphasis on our experienced service to keep your equipment working and service costs to a minimum.


For more than 30 years, MLA has been a trusted service provider of Mitsubishi and SAny new and Used Forklifts for sales across Australia. We are one of the fastest growing forklift solution providers. The reason is that our solutions are based on:

As an exclusive Australian distributor, MLA is recognised for performance and reliability- meeting and exceeding customers' material handling expectations.

The secret to our success is:








What is value? Is it the cheapest forklift? Is it the most reliable? Obviously, there's no point saving a few dollars on the purchase price if the machine needs constant repairs or if replacement parts are expensive. Environmental impact is also part of the value calculation these days. And let's not forget operator safety. All the other savings pale into insignificance if a single staff member is injured.

The most important aspect of choosing the right forklift for your operation is to consider your application and its needs. Food businesses are strongly encouraged by OHS standards, but not obliged, to operate with electric forklifts. However with heavy capacity forklifts, the only viable option is diesel power.

If you need to operate a large fleet, there are economies of scale that favour electric forklifts regarding battery charging and maintenance cost. There is also a strong case for LPG supply when shifts are long. In a small to medium warehouse operating in narrow aisles battery electric forklifts will minimise exhaust fumes.

As you can see, there are many different elements to consider. MLA offers obligation free professional assessment and advice so that you get the best forklift solution for your business.
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