Manufacture-COOMERA, QLD
Manufacture-Coomera, QLD
The company has developed a reputation for superior quality products exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Muir has firmly established itself as a market leader in the design and man..
15 / 75 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Qld, 4209.
15 / 75 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Qld, 4209.
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The company has developed a reputation for superior quality products exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Muir has firmly established itself as a market leader in the design and manufacture of its products both within Australia and overseas and is renowned for its high quality, performance and reliability.

Muir Engineering trading as Muir Windlasses Australia is a world-leading manufacturer of marine anchor winches and windlasses, anchoring and docking systems and deck equipment for Super and Mega Yachts, Pleasure Craft, Fast Ferries and Commercial Vessels from 10 - 120 metres in length. Muir, a Tasmanian owned family business has been the dominant force in Australian anchoring system technology since 1968 (42 years), and by industry standards is recognised as one of the leaders and innovators for anchoring systems worldwide. A source for complete anchoring and docking system packages, Muir design and manufacture the most extensive range of anchor windlasses and equipment available on the world market. With over a century of combined experience in anchor windlass technology, Muir technicians and engineers have designed and developed a superior range of pleasure craft windlasses and products that meet the requirements of the most discerning clients and their vessels. Head office, manufacturing and design facilities are located in Tasmania, with Muir owned and operated warehousing and sales facilities located in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Florida USA and Southampton UK together with a very strong distribution network to cover the rest of the globe.

Muir Engineering operate a comprehensive Quality Assurance System within the organization that is certified by DNV (ISO9001:2001).


This system covers all aspects of the business to ensure that a continual improvement process is managed. The system, that is overseen and managed by a Quality Officer within the business, covers such things as -


- Quality Policy and Objectives

- Quality Manual

- Control of Documents

- Detailed Organizational Structure

- Control of Records

- Customer Focus

- Quality Management System Planning

- Management Review

- Design and Development Planning

- Control of Design Change

- Purchase Process

- Monitoring of Process and Product

- Continual Improvement Procedures and so on.

This process is endorsed at the very senior level of management and forms part of the every day workings at Muir.

Whether it be checking on the quality of raw castings from a supplier to undertaking the final check list for a finished mega yacht job to ensure that everything that has been requested in the order for that particular customer has been manufactured and ready for dispatch.

All aspects of the QA system is captured and recorded and periodical reports are provided to Management for their assessment and relevant action.

An external (DNV) auditor also comes into the business 3-4 time per year to undertake an external QA audit and will focus on certain sections each visit to ensure that the total business is QA compliant.

Muir personnel also undertake internal audits on different sections to make sure that the system is compliant.

On a quarterly basis the QA Officer provides a comprehensive report and presentation to management so that we can ensure that the system is still providing the outcomes that we want.


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