Electronics -COOMERA, QLD
Electronics -Coomera, QLD
Electro-Man Supplies is an Independent Electrical Wholesaler based on the Gold Coast, Queensland servicing New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australi..
Unit 4 / 22 Gateway Court, Coomera, Qld, 4209.
Unit 4 / 22 Gateway Court, Coomera, Qld, 4209.
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Electro-Man Supplies is an Independent Electrical Wholesaler based on the Gold Coast, Queensland servicing New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.



Electro-Man Supplies is 100% Australian Owned and Operated Independent Electrical Wholesaler based on the Gold Coast and is incorporated, registered and complaint with all the requirements prescribed under the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002 and the Industrial Relations Department of the Queensland Government.

Our competitors want you to pay more for the privilege of innovative design and branding, at Electro-Man Supplies we don't agree!




At Electro-Man Supplies, we understand the value of time and money; we appreciate that unreliable quality of products can impact on your time, profit and reputation. That is why we offer a basic 5 Year IN HOUSE Warranty on all our main line products. Should any of our Switchgear products fail as a result of our manufacturing process, then you are compensated for your time and expense in addition to the product replacement.  See our Suppliers full terms and conditions of our guarantee.




All our products undergo strict testing and compliance in order to comply with Australian Regulatory Rules. If it's not legally approved, then we don't sell it.




Electro-Man Supplies has product development systems and sourcing the best quality in place. Our products are under constant review for quality and performance; we encourage customer feedback and value your input.




Unlike our competitors, we are not prepared to sacrifice the quality of our products to offer cheap or over inflated prices to our customers. Our Bakelite products are made from high quality polycarbonate materials, not cheap nylon or ABS. Our polycarbonate materials are UV stable and will not fade when exposed to light.

Our terminal screws are not plated steel to imitate brass; they are solid brass and will not corrode in time like our competitors cheaper alternatives.

Our switch contacts are made from a high percentage brass and silver, this prevents arcing of contacts that can reduce the life of the switch mechanism.




Do you actually know if your circuit protection devices are actually rated correctly? Is your 6ka circuit breaker actually 6ka?

Competition always puts downward pressure on product pricing and quality. In order to protect profitability many companies resort to tactics as rebadging -stamping a product with a higher rating than it actually is in order to deceive the customer, and to be able to sell at a reduced price. Some importers aren't even aware that their manufacturers have rebadged a product they are supplying.

For example a customer may purchase a Miniature Circuit Breaker that has been stamped 6000A, but in actual fact may only be rated at 4500A. Most consumers aren't aware of the subtle differences between products of a different rating; they just rely on the integrity of the Seller. As a result the Seller can afford to sell the product at a lower price, simply because he is buying at a lower price because it is not correctly rated.

Electro-Man Supplies doesn't play those games. As in Independent Wholesaler who competes fiercely with the Nationals, we cannot afford a single unhappy customer hence we refuse to be forced into offering sub rated products simply because some of our competitors do so in order to offer a lower price product to get you through the door.


ELECTRO-MAN SUPPLIES specialise in electrical consumables, industrial motor control, power distribution, automation systems including domestic, commercial, industrial and marine electrical component products and are able to offer the Australian market a complete all round solutions package to suit your requirements.


ELECTRO-MAN SUPPLIES' Technical Support Division is backed up by their holding companies that have previously provided fully integrated electrical design solutions and turnkey projects to various industries for over 20 years;


ELECTRO-MAN SUPPLIES product range has been initially targeted towards the fast moving items used by Domestic, Commercial, Marine and Industrial Electrical Contractors and Switchboard Manufacturers (OEM's). Our current product range is constantly being reviewed and expanded to suit our customers' requirements as and when required.


ELECTRO-MAN SUPPLIES will source any electrical product that we currently do not stock and will supply it at a competitive price providing that it meets our tough standards and will run it into stock if so required to ensure a guaranteed 24/7 service.


ELECTRO-MAN SUPPLIES offer a 24/7 Open Door, Delivery and Technical Support Service to its client base.


ELECTRO-MAN SUPPLIES products have all been bench and field tested to ensure that they comply with our Australian industry standards.


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